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July 10, 2017


by Jay

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

 ― C.G. Jung


Wheels in disguise, we born,

On a moment marked precise,

Named out of an impulse of dawn,

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May 9, 2017

The Whomans!

by Tanya

All the while I thought
Why She had some?
Why He had all?
Both He and She were Humans..

All the while I thought
Why Whites were favoured?
Why Darks were abhorred?
Both Whites and Darks were Humans..

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February 19, 2016

I Must Remember

by K. T. Dibert

I must remember that I am human;

I am able to be broken, manipulated –

I am malleable in the most stubborn of ways


I must remember the spaces between friends;

I need not have someone at the doorstep

The night through while I sleep


I must remember the pain I once felt;

I must remember the joy I once had.

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November 1, 2015

~ Haiku

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ Haiku

Scatter of bird wings
Fight or flight flapping skyward
Instinct surviving

O’Prunty ©


February 18, 2015


by dokurtybitz

This place,
It’s a bit of a Looney bin,
You get used to
The insanity
After a while