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March 26, 2020

Tri-haiku XXVII (sunshine)

by Jem Croucher

In these troubled days
with my movement restricted
by Covid-19

I am resolute
that the sunshine will remain
and bring fortitude

It is my saving
Ever precious and constant
A true friend indeed

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December 13, 2019

Tri-haiku XXVI (patience)

by Jem Croucher

Earlier it comes
every year it seems to me
Sunshine and Christmas

And yet I still wait
as anticipation grows
until the right time

The waiting is good
as all good things come to those
with rewarding here

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November 30, 2019

Four haikus IV

by Jem Croucher

Which brings me to four
and the whim has carried me
with words to this point

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November 29, 2019

Four haikus III

by Jem Croucher

Which you won’t have got
in the haiku yesterday
as there was no space

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November 28, 2019

Four haikus II

by Jem Croucher

This is the second
but I don’t want to waste words
So straight to the point

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November 27, 2019

Four haikus I

by Jem Croucher

Felt the need to write
Three lines to cover four days
No reason, just whim

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October 21, 2019

Tai-Haiku XXV (October)

by Jem Croucher

And so October
Memory of summer fades
and chill settles in

And yet the promise
as greenery turns to gold
with treasure to find

And as winter looms
summer falls from all the trees
as we wrap up warm

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October 9, 2019


by Nick Anthony

Marriage for the sake of love
Is doubling down
On a sunk-cost investment.

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October 3, 2019


by Nick Anthony

Future dreams are trees
With their roots in the present:
Give them water now.

Rafiki’s Nikki

September 20, 2019

Tri-haiku XXIV (fading sun)

by Jem Croucher

Its autumn apex
takes the sun lower each day
as northwards I face

Summer ends but heat
remains in that strength daily
Save for lesser time

Shadows fall early
So now I must make the most
of a fading sun

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August 30, 2019

Tri-haiku XXIII (August)

by Jem Croucher

The comfort of a
quiet morning in summer
August in England

Writing at first light
and then, as the sun rises
Chorus of the dawn

Welcomes in the day
as I do in readiness
with August sunshine

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August 18, 2019

Tri-haiku XXII (drifting)

by Jem Croucher

The joy of being
on holiday and at ease
Days pass slowly by

As relaxation
finds me in my element
Cock-a-hoop abounds

Merging together
the days pass without a care
And find me drifting

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August 7, 2019

Tri-haiku XXI (The circle of life)

by Jem Croucher

Pebble to water
Concentric rings dissipate
The circle of Life

Pebble vanishes
Concentric rings continue
The Circle of Life

Pebble thrown once more
Concentric rings multiply
The Circle of Life

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July 20, 2019

Tri-haiku XX (Circular Green)

by Jem Croucher

This circular green
Grown, cut back, abundant now
as summer takes hold

This circular green
A comfort true and fragrant
These summer senses

This circular green
With me, part of me, in me
I am in summer

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July 3, 2019

Tri-haiku XIX (Summer)

by Jem Croucher

Now this summer sun
brings yellow to the fore
and I am shining

Now this summer sun
brings a warmth that radiates
and I am browning

Now this summer sun
brings a laughter to the fore
and I am grinning

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May 12, 2019

Tri-haiku XVIII (Summer’s Child)

by Jem Croucher

I am summer’s child
Born of Spring, I blossom and
bloom to full glory

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April 25, 2019


by dokurtybitz


spearflower berries
tempting the sparrows with their color –
graveyard in the mist

© Yozakura
Silently they watch
Life flittering here and there
Stone remembrances.


–my response for–

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille


April 19, 2019

Like a Mirror

by Nick Anthony

A clear alpine pond
A serene reflected moon
But what lurks beneath?

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April 15, 2019

Tri-Haiku XVII (awakening)

by Jem Croucher

In this quiet time
before the morning arrives
Slumber fades away

And awakening
with my coffee freshly ground
a fragrance pervades

with birdsong chorus
on the cusp of a brand new day
The blue sky greets me

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April 12, 2019

Tri-haiku XVI (sparkles)

by Jem Croucher

Doors flung wide open
the outside comes inside now
with fragrance of Spring

The stranger visits
looking for a place to sit
Anywhere will do

And its radiance
paints everything golden here
Sparkles all over

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April 10, 2019

Dawn Timidity

by Jem Croucher

With mystery there
lurking at the edge of day
and timidity

Encouragement saw
soon a braver face appear
and there the sun’s rise

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April 9, 2019

Tri-haiku XV (Tuesday)

by Jem Croucher

Tuesdays come and go
This one similar to most
apart from the sun

Exuding brightness
at sunrise today it smiled
with something of Spring

As if to announce
a greeting, ‘Hello Tuesday’
With sun I am here

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April 7, 2019

Tri-Haiku XIV (Spring)

by Jem Croucher

Spring speaks of yellow
as sunshine comes to the fore
and life awakens

Spirea whiteness
as April sunshine returns
A nod to winter

In grass freshly mown
Here is the fragrance of Spring
and we are alive

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April 6, 2019


by Nick Anthony

Brown is the ground
Blue is the sky
High is the peak
Steeply I rise.

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March 28, 2019

Reflection Haiku

by Nick Anthony

five long years ahead

vibrant, Doppler-blue future

five red years long gone

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February 28, 2019


by dokurtybitz
Hanging out with friends,

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February 23, 2019

Saturday drifting haiku

by Jem Croucher

No.7 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Haikuweek’ series

Saturday drifting
Slow down now and slip away
The week is at end

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February 22, 2019

Breathe deep Friday haiku

by Jem Croucher

No.6 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Haikuweek’ series

Breathe deep the Friday
Take in its welcome presence
For the weekend looms

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