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May 24, 2017

A Suitable Period of Mourning

by braveandrecklessblog

I do not have a closet

full of mourning clothes

I have never

inked the names of my dead

on my tender forearms in black

in solemn homage

The list too long

my arms too short

to box with god

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May 14, 2017


by Linda Lee Lyberg
-Linda Lee Lyberg
Grief is a Tricky Thing
When you least expect it
There it is rearing its ugly head
Reminding you of the dead.

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May 11, 2017


by The Cheesesellers Wife

Tumbling memories
Stir forsaken emotions
Act as a cleaver

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February 11, 2017

My Heart Hurts

by 50djohnson


September 23, 2015 After the Storm! 075

The last few years have been strangely visited by the passing of so many friends, their parents, their spouses, their children, their best lifelong friends. When you go through such a loss it helps knowing you have friends, family, and God to turn to when the pain is overwhelming and just too much to bear.  However, there are many lonely nights where it is just you and God, sharing the burden of loss.

My Heart Hurts

Waking up this morning with life’s plans rolling along.

With children, family, and friends in their places where they belong.

Hearing that my cousin has cancer drove me to my knees in pain.

My friend called to say her granddaughter has a tumor on her brain.

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September 29, 2016


by Morgan



Shades of Light Drift on the Dawn
In a Tangled Web of Memory,
Where Ripples Touch what now is Gone
To Tantalize this Ache in me.

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September 27, 2016


by Morgan



In the darkness

Encircled by change and calamity

Perched upon the precipice with my gaze cast downward

Discovering the abyss

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September 11, 2016

In Quietness Be

by Morgan



I will in Quietness Be,



Your Sweet Love for Me

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August 8, 2016

Crumpled Life

by Anita Lubesh


Life becomes a cascading nightmare
eerily hushed when those severed tears are
free flowing.

Arms wrap around stained bundles
of ruby red wine, blue grass and lipstick
pink collars.

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June 17, 2016

The Dead Need Light

by HemmingPlay


The dead need light,
(If they need anything at all, that is…)
As much as the living need music.

They crave the kind of light
That brings babies’ faces to mind again, and
Spring blooms, and waves dancing on a beach they once knew.

Eternity is a long, long time.
But still… they remember

The way the stars swept across
the sky on a clear night,
the way a bumblebee looks as it
lumbers around, amazingly.

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May 5, 2016


by Morgan





Gentle Persuading Inspiring Persistence

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March 29, 2016

Grief’s Fire

by russtowne

Grief’s Fire

 When nothing I can say

Will ease another’s pain,

If I just show up

Again and again,

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February 27, 2016

Prayer Tears

by 50djohnson



Tears are often times shed in the darkest part of the night, spilling uncontrollably  over  cheeks once smiling with joy.  Sorrows break hearts ridden with weariness, loneliness, and

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February 15, 2016

The Shallow Expanse

by Morgan

The Shallow Expanse


In the Shallow Expanse of Time

Turning within

A Wheel within a Wheel

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October 1, 2015

‘Still I Hold You Dear’

by danielschwamm


There was a rip within my heart
when you did depart
A tear that I do wear
Now that you’re no longer near—
Still I hold you dear.

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September 7, 2015

Sea and Pewter Sand

by SierraRachelArt


Dove grey skies
quiet the sun
time waits.

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March 17, 2015


by Morgan


Shadows billow against the Solitude of my thoughts,
Shape-shifters of ebon calamity

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March 7, 2015

Watching From The Window

by Ellespeth

Nimrud Ivory – Woman at the Window

Watching From The Window

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February 3, 2015

Daily Poem — Mapped Decision

by paturnerlee

Mapped Decision


Point to point, marking out mechanics

Tools for the job, for the insults, a contour colouring

To show the depth of mixed feelings

Burnt postage on the hind leg of a donkey

Corrupt to the core, the apple of my eye

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February 1, 2015

The Sick Adulteress

by Colly


Enough has been said.
Hearts have been torn.
Wet with blood wound.
Saturated by contempt.

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January 31, 2015

Poem of the Day — Drunk by Mischief

by paturnerlee

Drunk by Mischief


Slipped silently by dark alley entrance

A copper jangles trembling to fulfil the candle lit dinner

More said than cares to be forgotten

In tears, the dress is torn

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January 20, 2015

Poem of the day — Repelled Proposition

by paturnerlee

Repelled proposition


Gruel twisted, pan tanned, risk shot truck load of groupie hang down and outs

Crushed in the push for porridge, a meal for rubber bouncing cheques

Paper signed in recognition for carved in stone mistakes

Breathing tubes of mashed up murdered brothers

Cracked bells bashed with glints of magazine gunshot

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January 16, 2015

Poem of the Day — Cramped Election

by paturnerlee

Cramped Election


Test of time a party line to follow, not a party a shambles

A bunch of educated ignorance sapping power from the people

A worldwide débâcle of lizard leaders

All sucking income to feed their unnecessary attitudes

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January 15, 2015

Poem of the Day — BOX

by paturnerlee



Weaning crestfallen lovers of the milk and honey

While dream of controlling everyones desires

A place where everyone fits in a box

A box made by me

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January 8, 2015

Poem of the Day — Blinked in Silence

by paturnerlee

Blinked in Silence


Trespass on a hedge line, a fun day for beastly behaviour

Slaughter tongues and lives are drawn to a close

No freedom in hatred; backed up sewer nowhere to go

Fickle ring holding pickle jar pincher

Small fry in vinegar wine; a sour tasting reality

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December 4, 2014

~ Monologue ~

by ladyliterati



I know grief-

My only constant

A cloud

Ever present

Shocked into numbness
By its arrival
Disbelief screams
From a depth
Before unknown

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November 20, 2014


by Colly


eager for

a word of hate.

Bullies thrive to overtake.

Push down, scuttle, cut with haughty

eyes. Bruise another to escalate

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November 11, 2014

Loving Memory

by Morgan


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November 11, 2014

Love Speaks

by Morgan



Love Speaks Softly when the Night is Dark,
Igniting Hope with the tiniest Spark.

Love Speaks Gently when despair is near,
Coaxing Trust where there is only fear.

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