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October 4, 2017

Slow Dance

by The Cheesesellers Wife

My land was carved in a slow dance
Glacier in, glacier out

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September 25, 2017


by dharkanein

The only blue planet, soon going to be barren

The greens we see, tomorrow will disappear

Warmth increasing day by day swallowing the life.


March 1, 2017

Shortsighted Downfall

by Nick Anthony

The spread of Climate’s cancer,
While men still suck cigs.

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October 28, 2016

Smokestack Hypnosis

by Nick Anthony

Frothy foam floating atop steaming chemical vats
Boils, becoming warm white clouds
Climbing up cold concrete columns,
And billowing forth from icy smoke stacks.

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October 24, 2013


by Harry


Everybody seems obsessed
With all this global warming
Ice caps melting, oceans rising
Dodgy insects swarming
What with carbon footprints
The holely ozone layer
It seems that we are surely doomed
We haven’t got a prayer.

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July 23, 2012

What it means to write

by Sorrows In A Serenade

I can’t calculate the value of Pi or find the height of a ferris wheel
I can’t list the causes of global warming or dissect the parts of a frog
I can’t write an article on the global economic crisis
I can’t analyze the effects of population growth.

I can make magic.
Spin pictures out of words, bring colour into dull black.
I can touch and inspire.
Ignite your hidden emotions, give a voice to a silent scream.
I can change the world
Make the fantasies we work towards, unite millions in a cause.

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