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October 9, 2020


by Venkat

acres on the palm
when fears grow thin
flights on a rainbow
of circular time

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March 31, 2017

A Little Green Frog (child’s poem)

by Colly



I am a frog.

A little green frog.

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November 27, 2014

O Frog, In Human Form

by Venkat


be not on the same rock
o frog, in human form
croak not from high ground
it is not a melodic song

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September 19, 2014

Toadster(s) Croak

by Colly

weeping willow

Cowboy Toadster(s) croak
many serenading songs.
Outside my window,
nearest my bed they
clamor, tell jokes.
The moon glimpses, sleepily.
Female frogs they appease.

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June 30, 2014


by Venkat


we live as frogs
that leap occasional
from one mire to another

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