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May 29, 2013

Where is she? Poetry challenge: “Self Portrait”

by willowdot21

Can you the answer see,can you please

where is the person who used to be me.

I have tried to find her and searched high and low,

in and out but she is hidden somewhere I cannot see her though.

She was bright and she was funny always had a song to sing

A  job to finish and a question to answer her smile was electric it had a certain zing.

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August 30, 2012

Trapped inside my head.

by willowdot21

Black to the left of me black to the right above and below me too, all around is endless night.

photo credits google images

Am I dreaming am awake, this constant gnawing at my soul is getting more than I can take.

The more I struggle the more it hurts I scream and I shout in the silence   my mind disconcerts.

Am I alone in here I do not know I reach out my hand and I feel around slow. There is nothing to feel only darkness. I am not sure if anything is real

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