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November 17, 2017

Old Dog

by Alanna

Dougie at Beach

Twelve years of observation

and you know my moods and intentions

without a word being spoken

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September 9, 2014


by Seafarrwide


By Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

A dog is so clever he needs to run free
Feel wind on his back until eternity
Chasing birds and lizards, sniffing out rabbits
He cherishes moments to refine his habits

A dutiful companion loving faithfully
Aiming to please so earnestly
But a dog that sits down in a cage
He can’t see through his bars of rage

Growing insane with sadness he shows
Cowering with tuneful fear is all he knows
He can cry all day his lonely song
Pleading his freedom from this wrong

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October 9, 2012

A plethora of poetry

by sustainabilitea

For some reason I seem to have poetry on the brain, so just for fun, here are four different poems types.

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