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March 23, 2017

A “Real Deal To Repeal” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

deal with the devil

The recurring theme of the Trump Presidency has been, “What do we know?” We know that Trump is the lying scumbag that he basically told us he was during the campaign. It may be the only thing he didn’t lie about. He was caught on camera and tape. He just tossed it aside as insignificant as long as those easily persuaded by his hate and fear rhetoric and false promises of being a populist leader took the bait. Once he hooked them, reeled them in and won the election, America began what has been a difficult, painful process of trying to discover “What do we know?” His tweets are from The Twilight Zone. He is running a carny sideshow out of the White House. The Russian connection is real. But with regard to the extent, purpose and people involved there is still a lot of “What do we know?” still to be asked. And it is going to have a much louder voice that gains volume from the growing number of Republicans who still believe it is their sworn duty to serve the public and know that Trump does not. They know that the Republican Party is going to die a painful death if they don’t fix this fast….And that led to this……

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