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March 5, 2015

My Promise to You

by Karen

I watch you walk toward me

Dragging your bag behind

Your feet as heavy

As your heart

Your eyes riveted to the ground


I put my arms around you

I can feel you trembling

And my soul shatters

Into a million pieces – again


I grasp your face

Between my palms

And look into your eyes

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December 17, 2014

Teary Eyed

by Apurva

Night is dark, shutters

tight, yet naughty rivulets

slip out to slide

© Apurva

September 18, 2012

Something in flying alone …..

by TarekOfCairo

There is something in flying alone…
Not a driver .. nor a  road…

just… the “go”….

It’s not that I do it often…
It’s not that I love it..

To be ..I mean ..on my own…
But there is magic in piano tunes..
There is  zest in flying alone…
To my comfort zone…

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September 8, 2012

Lost For Words, Out Of Tears

by blackandwhiteartist

IT’S BLINKING… It’s blinking…
Waiting for me. But it seems impatient.
So I started to type —tap tap tap tap
It’s still blinking… It’s blinking…
I can’t make it stop. It won’t stop.
And I want it to stop. But I didn’t stop typing.
Just so it’ll be constant. Somehow it will slow down.
But it’s still blinking… It’s blinking…
Make it stop. I want it to stop.
I don’t want anymore blinking. But it wouldn’t stop.
Why? Now I’m out of words. Now I’m lost for words.
I can’t make it stop. But please…
It’s still blinking… It’s blinking…
So I’ll just leave it. Nothing I can do.
It’s blinking… It’s blinking…
I’m mixed up. I’m drained.
So be it. So be it.

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