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June 12, 2019


by Jem Croucher

Tiring, this feeling
of being spaced out
It’s as if I am here
and yet there is doubt
Perhaps I am somewhere
else altogether
But I’m not sure that’s true
or even if whether
it’s right that I should be
elsewhere but right here
All that I know is
it’s not all that clear

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July 27, 2015


by Morgan


Pandemonium creeps
Like Sultry Darkness Sinking,
Caressing and Enveloping
With Gently seeking hands;

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October 2, 2014

Jealousy or Loyalty

by graypoet


Today open relationships seem normal
The age of monogamy seems to be past
So is it any real surprise to thinking ones
That most relationships today seldom last.

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September 10, 2013

Planet Eaters

by willowdot21

They came, the planet eaters, they trundled on and on they came upon us quietly so at first we did not notice anything was wrong.

The were tall and they were frightening with a wiry and metal shape, they crept up on us silently and left us wide eyed with mouth agape.

Where once was green meadow is now just dust and sand.

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July 13, 2013


by Apurva

Answers that question,

our spontaneous preconceived notions,

about this deathly life

and its fast paced slow motion,

deserve a detailed mention,

or maybe a fleeting discussion,

not coz they create, a clarity of confusion,

but because they confuse..with complete clarification!

© 2013  Apurva

June 8, 2013


by willowdot21

I shall not run I shall not hide

I’ll face the void with my eyes open wide.

I shall call up my warrior from within

and hone my sword the battle to begin

If I must make sense of what is my worth.

I shall do it now I shall justify my time on earth.

Each time the void comes for me

I make the mistake of either drowning or trying to flee.

Why do I do this time after time  both paths are futile

I end up broken, spent and feeling vile.

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May 31, 2013

Falling from the Moon

by willowdot21


Falling from the moon,

The stars said Ah!  the earth cried see you soon.

It did not seem so far when I had started out

But now as it goes on I begin to have some doubt.

The twinkling stars whizzed by

As I waved the moon goodbye.

I felt that I could fly

Felt I could zoom up and light the sky.

I began to shudder and shake,

What if I hit the earth too soon, would I would break.

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April 20, 2013


by willowdot21

Here I stand in the wreckage of my life,windswept and frightened.Where have the years gone what have I done where are the goals I had when my journey was begun.

I had dreams, I had hopes and targets to meet.Where did I loose it all,what happened to me, what happened to my schemes, my hopes and my dreams.

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December 5, 2012


by willowdot21

Photo credit; Derek Jones Art

There she is that thing in the corner. She opens her mouth making her life more forlorner. Stupid and ugly is she, tired and tearful she longs to be free. But no for she is that thing in the corner.

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