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August 13, 2018

Blue II

by Jem Croucher

Night of blue
Stars align with moon
Bright sky
Clarity subsumes
All within its grasp

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August 11, 2018

Dandelion II

by Jem Croucher

Awakened by sun
petals stretched out
Full bloom
I exude yellow
and smile

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August 5, 2017


by Jem Croucher

Today features something quite rare for Jemverse – a repost. But I’ve an ulterior motive, because this is the result of a collaboration with Nadine Jordan of Sacramento for The Neighbourhood’s ‘Cities’ project. It was published on ‘The Public Blogger‘ on 26 July. Mine are the first, third and final stanzas…

[NB – in case you wonder from the title pic below…I’m originally from Bristol!]

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April 25, 2017

Turn the Night On

by braveandrecklessblog

This is a collaboration between S Francis (SailorPoet) and Christine Ray (Brave and Reckless)
Won’t you stay,
My love?

Outside snow falls steady
Gusted by north wind
Tapping at our window
Inside these walls
A fire burns

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January 23, 2014

Burnt Midnight (in collaboration with Sky Lanterns; Kendo poet)

by suicidallyanonymous

Beneath my eyelids
I am ugly
even in nakedness.
Calloused and vulnerable,
a raw replicate
of crooked lines
and potholes, filling
with the breath
of crusty love.

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