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August 7, 2019

Tri-haiku XXI (The circle of life)

by Jem Croucher

Pebble to water
Concentric rings dissipate
The circle of Life

Pebble vanishes
Concentric rings continue
The Circle of Life

Pebble thrown once more
Concentric rings multiply
The Circle of Life

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October 29, 2018

The Circle II

by Jem Croucher

This time of day it changes
at each different time of year
Certain little nuances
as morning time draws near

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August 11, 2017

No Voice Left

by graypoet


Forrest reminded us that life is like a box of chocolates
Who knows what we will get as we go though challenges
There are times we see planets align we feel so blessed
Then we turn around, almost knocked down by changes.

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October 2, 2016

Circle of Life

by Venkat

the heights I grew

on my younger thoughts


the strengths I built

into my older feelings

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January 8, 2016

As Fires Keep

by Venkat

Poem-As Fires Keep

Rise, these eyes, as feathers rise
Fly, these truths, as clouds fly
Stop, these shadows dark, as birds stop

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December 10, 2015

Higher Ground

by Venkat


what good of my love
with no lovelorn around

what good of my calm
with no dissent around

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November 18, 2015

The circle

by Jem Croucher


I turned a full circle
looking out to the sea
safe in the knowledge
that it’s where I should be

The grey green of the ocean
and me on the shore
I have all that I need here
and could not ask for more

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June 29, 2015


by Venkat


I am a circle
Made of steel
Equal on every side
Rolling, with same distances
From every meaning

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April 12, 2015

Wheels We Are On

by Venkat


Legs, do we need
When our lives move on
On the wheels set by nature

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December 3, 2014

Between You and Me

by Venkat


as I traverse this distance
between you and me
in attempts to bring
a love, yearning to meet
on the circle we exist on

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October 15, 2014

Life as a flower

by Jem Croucher


Below ground I lay dormant
Biding my time
Pushing up through dark soil
When the weather is fine

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February 16, 2013


by Harry

Posted for Spandan

Running in circle
east to the west
seeking your soul
I follow your sound

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August 13, 2012

It’s The Love I Know

by blackandwhiteartist

NO SHARP edges to hurt you,
Never-ending cycle we knew.

Light side –always present,
Yet dark side won’t be absent.

Can’t be composed of only one,
It’s made up of everyone.

Feelings are being shared,
People are being heard.

It’s not about ‘just us’,
It’s not a rush.

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