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August 29, 2012

You. I. Us?

by EpiphanytoWrite


Wandering was this little soul,
in the blistering cold.
Hoping was the key, lifeless was he.
Of all the Romeo Juliet, was his story untold.
No love, nothing. Harder than it could ever be.
Believed in love, worshiped life.
Broken still, hollow inside.
Kept searching, to feel the feeling.
Kept failing, always taking the fall.
With this ignorant world and the truth concealing;
He wondered, his life had any point at all.
Like flowers fading, was his messed up mind.
All the thoughts, all the pain stored into.
Turning numb, broken projections with nightmares combined.
Love existing, hoping still to walk this through.
Life goes no easy whatsoever;
plays its part, the good, the bad.
But, fact being such passing phases never last forever.
Luck turned his way, and all the love he had.

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