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November 10, 2021


by Jem Croucher
So this morning, leaving Brighton
after breakfast in the sun
we saw two old cars passing
on the annual 'old crocks' run

Both brought a smile, they always do
these cars of yesteryear
with drivers dressed up to the nines
quite cold but full of cheer

And not alone our spirits raised
as people stopped to wave
the veterans as they chugged past
a memory to save

December 12, 2013

Driven Fools

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

I sit and stare at the TV’s glare,

wondering what to do.

Lost in thought, head up in space,

approach the sound of the boys that race.

A sudden change, there’s a vicious crunch,

I wonder what, but I have a hunch.

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November 28, 2012

My Last Fare

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

It’s creeping closer to quarter to eight,

with a twelve hour shift reaching its end,

I drive my cab, trying to concentrate.

In jumps a girl, a wad of cash to spend,

so young and at the library so late.

A strange fare will always make shifts extend,

she shouts, “Follow that man!” I hesitate,

but needing cash I don’t want to offend.

I put down my foot to accelerate,

slowing only so to twist round each bend.

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