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August 10, 2017

Red Admiral

by Jem Croucher

There for a fleeting moment
Red Admiral on the wall
Grabbed my camera quickly
‘Good call’, I hear, ‘Good call’

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March 10, 2017


by Venkat

flutter, flutter, flutter

they fluttered

my fingers, they fluttered

into winged sparrows


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December 31, 2016

Freedom in Flight

by Colly


Rest a-while butterfly,

rest if you must,

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September 25, 2016

Cocoons – Butterfly

by Miriam Hurdle










Where are you, Lord?

I’m everywhere, I’m here, with you.

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August 24, 2015


by Jem Croucher


Butterflies on the mallow
deep pink and white
Captured on camera
there in mid-flight
It’s a beautiful thing
in my garden to see
although brief and short-lived
their longevity

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July 13, 2015

Lovely III

by Jem Croucher


Cabbage white on my lavender
fluttering about
It’s lovely out here
and I’d glad I am out
So warm in the sunshine
on this wonderful day
the middle of summer
with wildlife at play

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April 13, 2014

In Memory of a Butterfly

by Venkat









This colorful butterfly was sadly found dead…

In this world, left behind
May this memory remain
Of beauty, worldly bind
Of love, unspoken pain

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February 15, 2014

Multiple Haiku:Life

by Venkat


Life, a gentle hop
From one star to the next one
Pastures nomadic

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January 30, 2014

Rime Royal: Be Positive Forever

by Venkat


Why not be an eagle aloft?
Have the earth in the eye
Why not be a flower soft?

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September 22, 2013

Butterfly Dreams

by beeseeker

Pink, Prosecco procession sky

Tenderly unwraps protective

Tendrils of overnight mist

From the crowns of autumn-glory,

Turn-leafing oaks; liberates quiet,

Banner-winged butterfly dreams.

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July 27, 2013

Desire (Loop poem)

by Apurva

Poetry challenge: Loop poetry.

images (2)

image: google

Desire… is a butterfly,

butterfly born to fly,

fly far away from you,

you stupid little boy.

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April 12, 2013

site for Sight

by Shashi Moore

Hole in One

Is a tale of none,

 who fell Prey to Trump.

Treasure of life once possessed

he traversed length and breath, in search;

 Hot spots left behind for desolate ones

Running from all, hiding the treasure

from those that are shut out from all pleasure.

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March 9, 2013

And the Dream Made it Worse

by reikiheidi

Dreaming awake

The butterfly flutters

As the smell of toast


The crow caws

In a dark morning sky

… And the dream made it worse.

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February 18, 2013


by LizzieCracked

butterfly, monarch

Dare to follow the butterfly
See where its path will lead
Don’t lose sight of its zigzag flight
It will show you what you need.
Dare to soar and flit, alight

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February 7, 2013

Hearing the daylight enter

by Ina

The quietness is all I’m looking for,
as the noise of butterfly wings flying,
of slow-moving clouds, of the music I
find in your eyes, would be too much already.

Before we slept, the sound of our bodies,
of lips and sheets, of wanting more,
was what I saw and it was darker then.
I felt all senses, they became insane.

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January 30, 2013

butterfly memories – poem

by billgncs

From gentle puff chaotically darting
to flower a visit never planned
randomly deliberate steps falter
to finish where it must be so

Meadow grass reflecting endless bounty
sun paints rippled waves to dance and bend
propelling higher, ever farther
breezes any distance might transcend.

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June 25, 2012

New Author

by Harry

I would like to welcome a new author who has joined ” Poets Corner .”

Her name is Sanchari and she is from Delhi, India.

The serious butterfly