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May 9, 2017

The Whomans!

by Tanya

All the while I thought
Why She had some?
Why He had all?
Both He and She were Humans..

All the while I thought
Why Whites were favoured?
Why Darks were abhorred?
Both Whites and Darks were Humans..

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November 1, 2015

Love, in Black and White

by Venkat


These words, my love
Thoughts on this mind
In soft strokes
Shade the depths
Of truths we touch
On shadows we beam
in Black and White

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August 9, 2013


by wordypenguin

Bright undefined disillusions
Have painted my way
They’ve erased black and white
I see only a vivid grey

Left and right are hard to see
Wrong or right is hard to be
Uncertainty grows on me like a tree
Enveloping me until I can barely see

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