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February 23, 2013

New members for Poets Corner.

by Harry


A.L.O’Punty is from West Virginia. USA.  Blog at Lady Literati.


Ashley Cameron is from California, U.S.A.   Blog at  Ashley Cameron on writing

January 22, 2013

New authors added.

by Harry


Mike is from the U.S.A.   Blog at  Dokurtybitz


Heidi is from Norwich, England.   Blog at  Write on Heidi.


Timothy is from Quebec, Canada.   Blog at Tjtherien

January 13, 2013

new members

by Harry

Welcome to four new authors.


Vivek is from Gurgaon, India.    Blog at Scribbling silence


Russ is from California, USA.    Blog at Russ Towne

paul  beeseeker

Paul is from Walsall, England.    Blog at Bee seeker


Shashi is from Guyana.   Blog at Shashi Moore

December 13, 2012

New Authors.

by Harry

Venkat is from Bangalore city, India.  Blog at  Quatrain Poems


Deborah  is from California, USA.   Blog at Girl with the pen

August 19, 2012

New authors for poets corner.

by Harry

Poppy is from Cumbria, England. Blog at  Scarlett Poppies

Ann lives in the Philippines. Blog at  Honestly a Liar

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July 18, 2012

Welcome to new authors.

by Harry

I would like to welcome two new authors to poets corner.

First of all there is Bill, and he is from Chicago, U.S.A.

His blog is at B W thoughts

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