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June 27, 2022


by Jem Croucher
Thirty years ago today
two star-crossed lovers wed
and as years passed their love it grew
throughout the life they led
So to celebrate their special day
a pearl of best persuasion
for this their anniversary 
befits this grand occasion

July 7, 2021


by Jem Croucher
Things have changed a little
here in Worthing over time
as there was no big wheel here
back in nineteen seventy-nine

Forty-two years passed since then
yet we two still are here
soulmates then and soulmates now
in our forty-second year

July 7, 2020


by Jem Croucher

The suit I’d purchased for twenty-five quid
all I could afford at the time
just after my twentieth birthday
my life waiting there on the line

The tie was one of my fathers’
as were the shoes on my feet
His passing was five years too early
to see his son’s wedding complete

Now forty-one years have surrendered
themselves to the life we have led
since that day way back in seventy-nine
when Sally and Jeremy wed

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July 18, 2019


by Jem Croucher

We went down to Drusillas
for our anniversary
four of us this time, Bezza
Sally, Grace and me
There were parties of schoolchildren
but we made an escape bid
and marched on up ahead of them
so from the masses hid

Sal and I as senior citizens
got cheaper entry too
First time to take advantage
just for asking, as you do
And we made sure that we got there
when it opened on the dot
As that’s always best on days like this
especially when it’s hot

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July 7, 2019


by Jem Croucher

Forty years ago today
I put my white suit on
The one I bought for twenty quid
in Jayson’s Menswear from
And the only tie I think I had
was a black one from my Dad
and a pair of his old shoes
I’d kept since I was just a lad

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July 7, 2018


by Jem Croucher

Back in nineteen seventy-nine
all those years ago
With me in white, my bride in blue
we walked in sunshine slow
A promise made, sealed with a kiss
the entourage they laughed
and in that moment, with applauds
we were wed at last

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May 20, 2017

The Dreamy Glow

by Venkat

where lights bend not

when fires lose breath

where tears reach not

when leaves miss a hum


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May 18, 2017

Like coral

by The Cheesesellers Wife

Like coral grips the rock,
I hold fast to you

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December 28, 2014


by Jem Croucher


Jemverse the blog began in April
Twenty fourteen, on a whim
And three hundred postings later
Continues daily with a grin

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October 20, 2013

A “Happy First Anniversary” Limerick For My Wonderful Wife, The Love Of My Life

by Joel Kravitz

Tomorrow, October 20th, is our first wedding anniversary. Wow, what a year it has been. We started of with a wonderful wedding and a grand honeymoon. For the record, the honeymoon has not and never will end. We are a good match for each other though from the first appearances, we look like a case of “opposites attract.” I am right brain and she is left brain. I am sure that there are many times when she would argue that I am “no brain.”

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