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If you are a visiting and would like to leave a poem on Poets Corner.

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Do not worry how the poem lines up while posting here, i will receive it correctly. 

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151 Comments to “Submit a poem”

  1. just found this site and sent in that poem for you to show on poets corner

  2. Hi! I’ve sent in two poems. I hope the format doesn’t get all wonky on its way to you! If it does, please feel free to email me and i’ll send it in the appropriate format. Cheers!

  3. hi sorry i sent in 2 because i made some changes to it. im so sorry about that

  4. Hi, I added my name and address on top of my poem. This is a neat site and thank you.

  5. Hi Harry,
    I also have subitted a poem. During the process of submission all line breaks have been removed and instead of 4, four-lined stanzas, it is now just one big paragraph.

    Is this how it came through at your end?

  6. I love this idea…Poets Corner….very cool 🙂 Thank you for sharing and caring!!

  7. Hi, I sent in a poem for the Loop Poem Challenge. I ended up submitting it twice as I missed the copyright part off the first one. Hope you can delete the first one. Thanks, Ellen

  8. Hi,Harry Hope my hand @ Limericks would be liked.Thanks.

  9. Hi there! A day or two ago, I submitted a piece in response to your Limerick Challenge. (I think I titled it “Outsider Art”). I haven’t noticed it posted, and am now wondering if it wasn’t an “open” challenge as I thought, but rather, only for site Authors proper. Did I goof? *smile* Beth

  10. What a lovely website! I would love to know if there are any fellow teenage writers here? i sent in a poem i just wrote 🙂 much love, namaste

  11. Hi, I super love your site 🙂

  12. Hi Harry,
    This is my first to visit your page and it is very lovely. Kind regards

  13. I just submitted a poem that appeared on my blog about a month ago.

  14. Just submitted a poem. Please, heck the spelling of “Feel” in the instructions above

  15. Hi, Harry! I just came across your blog and thought about leaving one of my poems. Hope you like it.

  16. I love what you are doing here! I just submitted a poem and am super excited to share it. Being a newbie to the whole submission process I hope I did it right! 🙂 Thank you again so much for what you are doing here…you are awesome! 🙂

  17. Hello Harry, I am here from Christina’s blog and would be very much happy and grateful to have you post a poem on your wonderful blog for me. I have duly submitted it above. Thank you 🙂

  18. Hi Harry. Just submitted a sonnet for your consideration. I’m not sure if it went through formatted though? Thanks, and congratulations, this is a great blog. WR

  19. I have submitted in mine. I hope the format is clear and not seeming like a paragraph. Nice blog:)

  20. Love your site Harry, thanks for publishing my poem: After Eights. I’ve just submitted another one for you: WES. Thanks again.

  21. Such a great idea – I wish I’d found your site earlier! I’ve sent you my “Inspiration” poem from my blog which is a challenge to post a poem a day raising awareness for a health condition that I have and to support the charity in the process. Don’t worry I won’t inundate you with every poem 🙂 But thanks again. Gini

  22. Hey Harry…great collection here…just submitted one of my own.. hope u like it.. Thanks. 🙂

  23. just sent in my first poem, am a budding poet. Hope for some feedback (negative or positive), cool site for sure

  24. Hi Harry, I just sent you one for the monorhyme challenge. Thanks. 🙂

  25. Hi I just sent you a poem, but am not sure if you received it. could you reply and tell me how to submit one if you didn’t get it? thanks,
    Aimee Antozak

  26. Just found this site. I love it. I write poetry. Very occasionally I blog poetry. Most of it is locked away safely! I also run a blog linky every Wednesday called #WednesdayWords where people can link up their blog posts of poetry, quotes and lyrics, old or new, self authored or famous. I shall be submitting some poetry to you soon! 🙂

  27. My poem lines up alright on my blog. When I placed it here, it changed. Now it looks like prose.

  28. hi. I really liked the site. I sent a poem, but it seems word-wrap is on. the adjacent lines are joined together. Let me know how to format and submit. Thank you.

  29. Hi, thanks for the opportunity to submit – I hope the formatting worked, let me know if any lines need to be clarified!

  30. I’ve been looking for a blog like this for so long. It’s so easy to find myself in a “poets block” so to speak and this is the solution to alllll my problems. Haha.

  31. first time at bat, hope it worked – teaching was a joy but it had its smiles and frowns

  32. hello… i am a learner and I have sent the poem sir. I hope you all will like it. Thanks. good day.. 🙂

  33. Hello, i have submitted a poem titled “Mother”, but then the stanzas and line breaks do not appear. What do i do?

  34. Hello just submitted my newest poem and recently asked to join the site as an author. I am happy to find a new place to share 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Mica, I’m sorry you do not have a wordpress blog as the rest of the authors have it’s the only way to be an author, but you can still send me poems , or start a blog at wordpress just for poetry.

  35. Hi Harry – I just submitted a poem. However, strangely, I’m seeing the message submission on this page. Hope I’m the only one seeing it, and it’s not public on this page? Please let me know. Thank you.

  36. This is an excellent site. Thanks very much for organising the sharing of so many wonderful poems! Best wishes! 😀

  37. thank you for submitting the poem.

  38. This is such a great site, bringing lovers of poetry the world over together! Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Hello. I have two WordPress blogs. One is called Moore To Ponder, and the other is called Serenaded Softly. My Serenaded Softly has a category on the left margin called “Poems and Songs”. I took an acrostic poem I had written titled “Driven”, and copied and pasted it into the box on this page. I am not sure if I did it correctly or not. I did not include the link to that specific poem. Here it is if it will help you to locate it:

  40. Hello , This is an amazing site. It’s a great opportunity for all of us! I just submitted a poem for the Valentine’s Day : Poetry Challenge . Thank you so much!

  41. I filled out a form to join but decided to submit this today. I hope it is enjoyable.

  42. This is such a great idea! Have submitted a poem and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  43. I love to gaze through every lovely poem here.. Thanks for such an awesome oppurtunity! 🙂

  44. I’ve just submitted a poem. I hope it looks okay at your end.

  45. Hi Harry! I loved your site and have left two of my poems here. I hope you like them. 😀

  46. Hello! sir.. I have recently submitted my second poem to your website. I would surely love to hear what you have to say about it.

  47. HI Harry. I’d submitted my poem, I hope it is good enough,

  48. Bula Harry! So glad I found your blog. I’ve submitted a poem 🙂

  49. Sent u a poem last night entitled The Puppet Show. Did u receive it?

  50. Hi, it is good to be here. Loved this poem and have submitted one of my own. I hope it is received fine at your end. Thank you.

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