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August 13, 2016

Abstract Nonsense

by Zia Jane

Tom ran to a galaxy far from here

“Somewhere the people care”

He said to the train.

So the driver gave him a book

“This place has monsters too, look,

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August 10, 2016

Devil’s Table

by Zia Jane

Everyday I see you and smile,

We talk and laugh, all is stable,

But when you pass the lights go out

And I find my place at the devil’s table.


They know me there,

More than is surely good

But I don’t judge, my friends all,

Faceless pains under every hood.

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August 10, 2016

Do As Youth Does

by Zia Jane

We don’t know

The hell in which

Youth and laughter


We don’t care

For the life

You claim,

We need air.

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August 9, 2016

If I Had A Scar

by Zia Jane

If I had a scar

Would that justify my pain as real?

If my wound bleed

Would that prove the hurt I feel?

If i was in battle

Would it make the hate and anger right?

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