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July 17, 2013


by Shashi Moore
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Shy, Soft spoken,Yet

a class of minds quiet, cerebral

Silent! distinct quality, in crowds terrible

Inner strength, magnified in solitude, alone

Dislike limelight listen, watch and mellow

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July 10, 2013


by Shashi Moore
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In need of time

Time stretched to accommodate everyone

Focused on the most important tasks to be done

Salient features of neglect and backlog of paperwork

Stocks me like a ghost in the shadows haunt and lurk

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June 12, 2013

Haiku: LESSON!

by Shashi Moore

Why? Waste not Want not

A lesson learned long after

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June 11, 2013

Tropical Delights!

by Shashi Moore
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Via google

Tropical delight

Brilliantly bright sunny days, Blessed

With succulent fleshy yellow mangoes

Garden sun-kissed in summer, Rich

Nutrient dense, untiringly scented

Ripened, skin smooth, wrinkle Free

Tropical bunch beneath the spread of Greenery

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June 5, 2013

whimsy Words

by Shashi Moore
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Whimsy Words

Whimsy words onset

Frustration, fury, twin emotions

muddles and blinds the inner eyes

Clogging synapses, the rational gaps

Slowing down the agile acquaintance

Weaken the bond and betray trust

Alienate the celestial confirmations

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May 31, 2013

Natures Reading Room

by Shashi Moore


Natures Reading Room

Serenading the book undisturbed

Scenes unfold of the girl in blue on a bed of red

Hand in hand sailing into the world of make believe

Mirrored images of narrators’ readers rely

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May 28, 2013

Blighted guide

by Shashi Moore
via ermilia blog

via ermilia blog

Silent stiletto

Canopy of dark black clouds

Static irreplaceable titanic troll

Waiting for unassuming misled lads

Lassies widows and blighted brides all,

Lures around the winding steps then the

Hopeless find sense as they fly off the zenith dive.

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May 20, 2013


by Shashi Moore
via pinterest

via pinterest


Everyone talking none listening

Pulse beating no life flowing

Many hands outstretched no one sharing

Where are we heading when all following


Pause! Take deep breath, look around, pause,

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May 13, 2013

Nocturnal plight

by Shashi Moore


Nocturnal Plight

As dusk awakes the objects take shape

From vague outline to detailed vivid beings

Nocturnal sight alight peer at crawling delights

Mice, rats or even chicks that come in sight

My eyes wide open, I perch on the birch

Tis different tonight, I have no meal or bite

Ninety nights and nine in row I waited to

Dine with Gale, my blind date.

Scuffle and ruffle a sound too familiar

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May 12, 2013

Creation So Divine!

by Shashi Moore


Via my mail( Original source unknown)

Via my mail( Original source unknown)

Creation So Divine!

Each creature unique, yet

has for all, one in common.

Wondered what it could be?

No species complete without the “one”

Too often taken for granted

Have you guessed?

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May 8, 2013


by Shashi Moore
via Ermilia blog

via Ermilia blog 


Neck deep I envision for

The one who is Omnipotent to be

I immersed shoulders to see

The Solace that I seek. The Unseen.

Arms and hinds covered with brine

Waiting for the Omnipresent to reveal

Stop the hunger! I plead, where is the sign? I cry,

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April 22, 2013


by Shashi Moore


Lotus positioned, cross-legged

Poised, eyes closed

Waveforms of thoughts Sail across

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April 18, 2013


by Shashi Moore
(via shashimoore blog)

(via shashimoore blog)

Essence of a woman

Heavenly beauty of divine handiwork

Preordained with chic elegance

Delicate mingling of strength and poise

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April 18, 2013

Mindful: Nonet

by Shashi Moore

Poetry challenge: Nonet.


Receptive to all signs and symbols

Vulnerable tender young minds

Designed by adults in sight

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April 17, 2013

Leatherback: Nonet.

by Shashi Moore

Poetry challenge: Nonet


Green foliage branch canopy green

Distant purple mountain snow capped

Azure cobalt, yawning sea

Soft shallow waves ripple

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April 12, 2013

site for Sight

by Shashi Moore

Hole in One

Is a tale of none,

 who fell Prey to Trump.

Treasure of life once possessed

he traversed length and breath, in search;

 Hot spots left behind for desolate ones

Running from all, hiding the treasure

from those that are shut out from all pleasure.

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April 10, 2013

The tribute to My Parents

by Shashi Moore

(via Looking for the sweet spot)

The tribute to My Parents

Six feet tall

He stands out always in a crowd

Not of his height, but of his charm

Full firm lips yet gentle on my cheeks

My Father

Fell head over heels in love with his petit neighbour

MY Mother


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March 11, 2013

The Nuptial

by Shashi Moore
Via google(

Via google(






In a pot

On the

 Edge of


Table top

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March 6, 2013

Live and let Die

by Shashi Moore



Via National Geographic (-02-hirano-shrine-Kyoto-Japan-670)

Live and let die

A check list in making

Things to live and the rest let die.

Love I say Lives, and hate dies

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March 4, 2013


by Shashi Moore
Via google

Via google


A new addition to the family

Not by birth, not by adoption

A girl known since birth to us

The only daughter of our neighbour


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February 23, 2013

Homo Sapien

by Shashi Moore
(via google)

(via google)

Homo sapiens

With trembling hands I hold on

Wondering where the sanity has gone

Should I influence the thinking of all?

Or spend time pondering if it’s my call

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February 18, 2013

Twilight Zone

by Shashi Moore

(via Humbly, Peax & Love)

Twilight zone

Shadows lengthen

Tentacles of darkness creep

Dusk sounds fill the air, I approach the overgrown courtyard

The hearth was cold with no fire

The boards creek, as I climb the stairs to loft

Remembering the days I curled on downs soft

Reading spooky tales and scaring siblings all,

Old witches with long wiry hair, hook nosed one-eyed monsters

Were some of the tales of childhood days.

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February 13, 2013


by Shashi Moore



from above

As mother ate the apple pie

The heaven flood gate opened wide

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February 12, 2013

Weekend Prey

by Shashi Moore

Tap and jive; on toes wild

The arm twirls; while legs whirl

The music beating silly; the weekend joint jolly

Filled with bodies entwined; she is out for the first time.

Her friend is seasoned to every beat. A lad offers the first timer a wisp

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February 4, 2013

The Bet

by Shashi Moore

(via Google images)

The Bet!

Feigning quakes of fear

I enter

Down Valley of steps


to creepy musty world of shadows

I edge into

the abyss of darkness

swallowed in uncanny surrounding;

my shoon squeaks

I jump!

the flutter of wings,

Bats I bothered


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January 28, 2013

Power of prairies

by Shashi Moore


( Muybridge-Buffalo- courtesy Wikipedia)

Power of Prairies

Where the power of prairies pride

Hot snorts gust

Nostrils flare

 Brows clinched eyes glare

Sinews bulge tensed as they glide under

tough hide stretched with caked dirt tangles of dark brown fur

 coming of the herds raises the

dust of the scorched land

parched tongue with thirst

unquenched they tread

in search of waterholes

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January 23, 2013

A fountain of brotherhood: Acrostic.

by Shashi Moore

th (15)


E –  Envy that you don’t need

M-  Making the other feel important in feat

P-  Patience displayed when you have no time to spare’

A – Acceptance of differences of opinion: gift to inhabit in the mind of the other.

T – Tolerant enough for the shoulder to spare,

H-  Hope for the hopeless,

Y – Young and not so young at heart, all deserve empathy

By: Shashi Moore

January 22, 2013


by Shashi Moore

th (1)



A typical arid evening in a Plateau City;

Vendors hasten home with baskets on the head,

after a fruitful hawking;

To light the fire for hungry mouths to be fed.

The sun is an hour away from the western horizon

everywhere so calm, not a leaf astir

A quick evening walk should be fair.

The stroll down the road turned several heads in stare

The gentle breeze stronger now, gathered momentum.

It turned to gale in a split second

the wind howled like an old man in despair.

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