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February 14, 2017

~ Being Human

by ladyliterati


“Strive as we might, our humanity keeps us from perfection -that great illusion – And it is our humanity that tortures our thoughts when a “mistake” has been made. A mistake is paid for once, yet, our humanity guilts us, shames us, ’til we bankrupt our souls, still, believing we can obtain the unattainable…the perfect”… O’Prunty 2/13/17

February 5, 2017

~ Death Holds No Victory Here…

by ladyliterati

~ Death Has No Victory

We are all a composite

Of that which came before

The good, the bad,

Sadness, happiness, galore
The efforts of our ancestors

Still cling within our bones

Tis why we have no answers

February 5, 2017

~ Haiku

by ladyliterati

~ Haiku
Family tree stands tall

Some branches no longer exist

Shoots of new ones, little ones

January 23, 2017

~ Haiku

by ladyliterati

Crucible of thought

The unanswered question, why?

Darkness envelopes

January 10, 2017

~ Without Words…

by ladyliterati

~ Without Words
When the Poet no words to share

The soul lingers unaware

The inner voice cannot be heard

Collective conscious void of word

And the Poet – head bent in defeat

December 18, 2016

~ Genuine ( Haiku)

by ladyliterati

~ Genuine (Haiku)

A soul touching hug

December 17, 2016

~ Haiku

by ladyliterati

~ Haiku

Dense foggy morning

No horizon to be seen

Caul as the crow flies

December 17, 2016

~ Giant of A Man

by ladyliterati

A dream took me to childhood places

Love and laughter, forgotten faces
But the memory of Daddy standing tall

While leaning against the kitchen wall

Woke me with great surprise

Tears of mourning, laughter filled my eyes
Recalling his polished black Oxford shoes

November 26, 2016


by ladyliterati

My love has nowhere to go

No destination

Held fast within my being

My very core


November 26, 2016

~ Haiku 

by ladyliterati

Lady of leisure

Wind dances through vintage sheers

Opened book, eyes closed

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November 23, 2016

~Soul Searching

by ladyliterati

In a parallel universe
My loved ones still guide
Though somewhere beyond the
Ether, they reside

March 24, 2016

~ Haiku

by ladyliterati

Dancing daffodils

Yellow hues sway in two’s

Breath of Spring passes



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March 6, 2016

~ Brazen Blades

by ladyliterati

‘Neath frozen sod

Pokes brazen blades

Refusing to linger with

The earths shades;

February 27, 2016

~ Your Shinning Star

by ladyliterati

~ Your Shinning Star
I carried a pocket full of dreams

Some slipped through faltered seams

But still I carried on, permanent failure

Was not an option:

February 25, 2016

~ Haiku

by ladyliterati

~ Haiku – Alliteration
Sliver slanting sleet

Wild whipping winds wafting

Leafless limbs livelihood
O’Prunty ©

February 19, 2016


by ladyliterati

Drizzling rain drops
Street lamp casting eerie sheen
Heavy drenched trench coat


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February 11, 2016

~ In Response to Beyonce’s ‘Formation’

by ladyliterati

Silent Refrain – Lyrics

I’ve got a voice

Let me sing you a song

I’ve got a dream

Let me take you along

Show you how

It all went wrong

Have a seat

This may be strong
Momma taught me

To RESPECT all races

February 3, 2016


by ladyliterati

“Forgiveness has feathers

Vengeance, binds, fetters”… O’Prunty


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January 29, 2016

~ Between the Lines…

by ladyliterati

I read you like a book

What a daunting task

I finished at last –

It wasn’t a keeper


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January 26, 2016

~ ‘Neath the Daunting Drifts

by ladyliterati

Jonas Must Concede
Angry was the night

Defiant leaf on bare branch cling

As howling winds force chimes, sing
Swirl of blinding snow

Bites about ears and nose

Settles, soakes, freezes blue of tiny toes
Beded down night creature’s

Braving winter’s wrath

January 19, 2016

~Persephone ~

by ladyliterati

~ Persephone ~
The vale of Enna, where posies abound,

She tenderly plucks them from the ground,

Demeter as always, favors the soil,

With an abundance of growth that does not toil.
Oh sing a hymn to Demeter,

Suffer her anguish and pain,

Oh sing a hymn to Demeter,

Her Mysteries to obtain. Her Mysteries to obtain.
Hades spying from his dark, dank kingdom,

January 15, 2016

Progression of a Pastel

by ladyliterati

Using Vintage Conte Pastel -Titled: “Be Fruitful” – by O’Prunty


January 13, 2016

Haiku Cyclet Alliteration – Souls of the Sea

by ladyliterati

Haiku Cyclet Alliteration – Souls of the Sea
Severed sailors souls

Sirens song seeps, saturates

Sea swallowing ships
Liquid lines linger

January 10, 2016

Haiku Alliteration

by ladyliterati

Wild wind whipping

Slate skies slowly surrender

Furious, flakes fall.



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January 7, 2016

~ Mother Said…

by ladyliterati

Mom said:
Never go to bed angry – it steals your peace
Never hold a grudge – it steals your soul
Never disrespect your elders – it steals your dignity

January 3, 2016

~ Mighty Mississippi

by ladyliterati


When the Mississippi rages;

Yes, the willows weep
Pushing at her banks

Tributaries rush, not creep
And oh! The devastation

Left in her roaring wake
Her force forever changing

December 27, 2015

~ From the Beginning

by ladyliterati

I questioned the bird

The bee

The leaf upon a tree

The earth

The sky

The cloud

The thunder rolling loud

The ocean vast and wide

Pushing at every side

December 24, 2015

~ Haiku

by ladyliterati

Love laced lullabies

Slats softly keeping rhythm

Cherished rocking hours


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