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April 1, 2013


by Hazel Dulay

Then, you are…

My 911, my saving grace

The hallelujah to every hell I face

The risk I will always be willing to take

My only wish to every genie in the bottle I shake

My daily dose of serotonin

The damoiseau in distress and I wanted to be the heroine

All the infinities I want to contain

My hiding place where black holes wane

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March 20, 2013


by Hazel Dulay

Your absence is like an ocean, I’m sinking

It’s like the firmament, stretched over everything

It’s also like a black hole I kept on clutching

But mostly, it’s like a quicksand

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March 18, 2013

Tonight, I listened

by Hazel Dulay

I closed my eyes and listened

To the hum of million sleeping minds

To the tiresome sonata of crickets and frogs

To the crack of the parting moon and sun

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