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December 3, 2020

Stable, Truthful Hope

by Frank Hubeny

Although what shines need not be wrong
beware dark lies that shadow truth,
distract the old, confuse the youth
with specious lyrics from a song.

I wonder.  Must I sing along?
Some tunes that once enchanted me
now don’t make sense.  Be just and free,
merciful, alive and stable,
driving out false dreams and fable,
preferring joy to pleasantry.

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November 26, 2020

Tears To Leave Behind

by Frank Hubeny

They’re growing in a window well
where light is rarely seen.
Live on, persist, be bright and green,
or yellow hued for just a spell.

They offer us some hope and tell
us though pigheaded, willful, blind
there’s grace abounding, sure and kind.
With thankful blessings everywhere
repent, reform, reach up and there
we’ll leave our every tear behind.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 19, 2020

Nightmares on the Gentlest Tier of Hell

by Frank Hubeny

This tossing makes me wonder why
regrets won’t let me get some sleep
without those nightmares from the deep.
I would shed tears. I’d even cry
if that would help. Regardless, I
can’t face these twisted memories.
I’d have to run off on my knees,
but could I even find my way,
the one I lost that lazy day,
or days, when I served my own ease?

In case it isn’t obvious, the “I” in the poem is an imaginary character in a mild region of hell trying to get some rest.  I pray this “I”  would not be me.  I pray he not be you either.

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November 16, 2020

Thanks and Giving

by Frank Hubeny

I’m thankful for this time to live
and suffer if need be.
There also is a chance to give
and do so generously.

Though it be short or it be long,
though what I do be small,
I offer back a thankful song
in praise and give it all.

November 12, 2020

One Lap Too Many

by Frank Hubeny

Bill reached too far. He was the one
Who spoke our compromising spell.
We warned him to beware of hell,
But Billy laughed. He’d just begun.
He had more wicked laps to run.
It happened at that twisted bend.
We’ll leave to medics who’ll pretend
They knew the cause of Billy’s death.
In dreams we smell his fetid breath.
We hear him scream, “Please, make this end!”

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November 7, 2020

Thirteen Demons Sitting on the Wall

by Frank Hubeny

Lucky this or lucky that,
Luck as bad as that black cat
Cuddling, purring by my side,
Unlikely place for luck to hide.

Thirteen demons looking mean
Pretending that I haven’t seen
Them cackling when they watch me frown.
Too bored to laugh, I stare them down.

It’s not bad luck that made them fall.
They jumped like Humpty from the wall
And then they cracked.  Oops.  Breakfast time!
You’re lucky. That’s my final rhyme.

November 4, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

Some decades earlier he went
Along this way he’s walking now.
A child in hand and wife somehow
Were with him as if Heaven sent,
But now his energy’s near spent.
The sign suggests he’s on some trail
That loops to somewhere vaguely known.
A wind picks up. The oak trees groan.
His strength returns though flesh stays frail
While every breath yearns to exhale.

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November 1, 2020

Spooky Exorcist

by Frank Hubeny

I have no fear of ghosts or such,
But humans – compromised, possessed –
They do cause trouble – very much –
They’re twisted, troubled, without rest.
They think they’re tough. What do they know?
They aren’t so difficult to see.
When eyes blaze hot with hate they show
Their weakness then their fear of me.

October 29, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

The day is warm. The sky is bright.
I don’t know why I worry so.
The witches have refused to go,
But have they ever? Where there’s Light
There never is a need for fright.
It’s true that sometimes things do seem
More like a nightmare than a dream
Like wizardry raised to the sky.
What wealth that brings will make you cry
And turn true peace into a scream.

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October 22, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

When things went well I’d rarely say
I ought to credit God or fate,
Statistically at any rate.
I took full credit for my day
At least when outcomes went my way.
The magic dust no one could see
I thought I sprinkled liberally.
I don’t know why I gave up this.
I did. Perhaps it was that kiss,
That slap, of Grace that conquered me.

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October 15, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

Ignore the pain. I do not miss
The pleasure out there tempting me.
Such blindness! How I failed to see
That there’s a whole world more than this
With righteousness that brings pure bliss.
Manipulators walk around
With advertisements safe and sound.
Beware their busted sugar rush
Deceiving while our morals blush.
It sinks like dust on lifeless ground.

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October 13, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

“No need to worry. You look good
You’re healthier than most I’ve seen.”

His diet’s simple, conscience clean –
Except when doing what what he would
Instead of what he knew he should.
Some end will come. Although he’d pay,
No doctor then could make him stay.
Perhaps today the ground will tip.
On what’s unknown, his feet shall slip
And then, like dust, he’d blow away.

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October 8, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

There’s just one problem with a swing:
Its cyclic motion to and fro
Since we all know how it must go
And without purpose like a fling
Or sorry tune the mindless sing –
Emotional, but nothing new,
No clue of what one ought to do,
No hint of why we’re anxious here.
Stay covered up with lust or fear
Or busy back and forth on cue.

October 1, 2020

Holy Spirit

by Frank Hubeny

The only muse worth listening to,
The only One who even is,
Corrects us, guides us, leads us. His
Consuming fire will clean, renew
Transforming everything we do.
We sinners turn. This living flame
Protects us from the devil’s blame
That’s now as nothing. We are still.
As falsehood breaks, each true word will
No longer be lukewarm, nor tame.

September 24, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

When rain returns the barren land
Is filled with blooms we all can see,
A resurrection mystery,
A pouring that we understand
As blessings from an open hand.
A year ago we doubted. Look!
There’s water flowing in the brook.
Those ways we’ve turned from have somehow
Been transformed into nothing now
Like drivel from an unread book.

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September 17, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

Dark witches of the winter know
Some spells they heard in full-moon fall.
Their Ba’al doesn’t know it all.
His shadows flicker where they go
When morning light lets failings show.
Those who wake in time may see
How ignorance loves mystery,
How feelings masquerade as good,
How petty sins start ticking. Could
They all explode mechanically?

September 10, 2020


by Frank Hubeny
I feel as if I ought to send
A warning out to one and all:
Beyond the bend's a cliff, a fall,
A tragedy, a blur, a blend
Into a gorgeous, awful end.
And then inconsequentially
What would become of you and me?
Ah! Let it come here anyway.
Yes, Come tomorrow. Come today!
Embrace the opportunity.
September 5, 2020


by Frank Hubeny
Blue on blue with patient blue
Caressing me and also you.
But should you say it’s red instead
Insisting that I bumped my head,
Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps that’s true,
But I still see a pretty blue.
August 27, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

In summer-spring when flowers bloom
We know what’s pretty soon will be
Allowed to drop indifferently.
For autumn’s seeds we made this room.
We danced around the bride and groom.
They faced each other with a smile
Rejoicing, talking, thinking while
The feast was laid out fresh with food.
Recall that early springtime mood
When brides walked down the wedding aisle.

August 20, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

Since none of us get very old
Why stand in line to take this ride?
Why worry what is left to hide?
But demons tempt, “Don’t leave your gold.”
We count all that our hands can hold.
Around our magic carousel
We hear the call of some church bell.
We’re counting still. Wait til we’re through.
There’s so much counting left to do
Before the popping of the spell.

August 13, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

I often want bright blooms to stay
But they perhaps are restless too.
There’s more ahead for them to do.
They serve their seeds which go away
Like snowflakes on a winter’s day.

Nor have I stayed long anywhere.
I might live under skies less fair
Or wander somewhere else and try
To find bright blooms that please my eye
Or serve in ways that show I care.

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August 6, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

With fantasy
The leaves turn green. The water’s blue.
With fantasy,
Though doubters dreaming differently
Won’t see the tower that I do,
I clean my windows. See what’s true
With fantasy.

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July 31, 2020


by Frank Hubeny

I wasn’t there to plant this spring.
The morning glories didn’t care.
They’re back again off climbing where
I left some soil. No watering
But they still rose. It’s comforting
That when I fail they ever grow
Although forgotten. Watch them show
Their bright green leaves each like a heart.
I see the buds break out and start
To bloom again. There! Off they go.

July 16, 2020


by Frank Hubeny
I knew it was a common bird
That helped me build a nice display.
I took the photo anyway.
I wanted truth to match the word
In fullness that was not absurd.
It made no sound. It didn't sing.
It might have sung of anything,
But flew away. The sun will set.
Before it does I want to get
Prepared to be the gift I bring.


July 4, 2020


by Frank Hubeny
How purely does the heather bloom
With humble, purple praise.
Delight in sunshine on the hill.
Distant clouds do as they will.
Dreams refresh our days.


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June 22, 2020


by Frank Hubeny
The up and down of beating drums are heard across the lake
As falsehood twists the message and the drummers take no break.
The solid door, self-righteousness, defends. It’s locked to win.
Convinced that truth rests safe inside is where truth can’t get in.


December 25, 2018

Advent Darkness

by Frank Hubeny

This darkness isn’t such that I
Can brighten it by light I bring.
No laws of nature taint the sky.
No bonds bind it so it can’t sing.

The power failed, but should we wait
For what might not come speedily?
Some of us would hesitate,
But darkness helps our hearts to see.

We’re thankful for the light that’s near.
Praise sound, but not with our ears solely.
Our voices stir the darkness here
Repeating, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

Merry Christmas

September 22, 2018

Doors and Walls

by Frank Hubeny

The prison key of precious jade
Locked doors of duty finely made.
Love arrived, revised the spell.
The doors survived. The walls though fell.

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