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March 24, 2019


by Elizabeth


not sure how I got here
influenced by others
of course
the vanity of having a Ph.D. degree
to understand the nature of beings
to find the cure
meetings and people
competitions and deadlines
hiding my feelings and not showing
perfection in each moment
Stop, breath and listen
looking for freedom
I isolate myself
solitude and silence
writing outside the lines
messing up
letting my feelings explode
between colours and paper clips
to find a balance
to breathe my true-self
next day I’ll be ready
a smile on my face
a word of encouragement
a surprise of a new result
observing the miracle
inside a cell
keeping my words and feelings
for later on
when they will lay down
on a piece of paper

April 7, 2015

Pink Moon-Haiku

by Elizabeth

Pink Moon @teandpaper

Pink moon reaches west

East sun vies with the darkness

Everlasting fight

March 30, 2015


by Elizabeth

While you rest at night

Dressed in black she will find you

No hope but illness

March 23, 2015


by Elizabeth

All sweet together

An unexpected ending

Suspected foul play

March 17, 2015

Field of dreams

by Elizabeth

Lost in field of dreams

Reality turns foggy

Beacon hill says bye

March 10, 2015


by Elizabeth

Enough cloudy days

inside and outside

let the sunshine wash over

inside and outside

beauty and light all over


March 9, 2015


by Elizabeth

Always coming back

The past and the misery

Should never be missed

March 2, 2015

Waking up-Haiku

by Elizabeth

Beast wakes everyday

After hair done and make up

Princess is ready

February 27, 2015

Wild Fame

by Elizabeth

Fabulous wild fame

If it’s not trimmed in the fall

War for sure will come

February 22, 2015


by Elizabeth

You’ve taken my innocence and trust away

Your cold hands cover everywhere

The mist you bring under your veil

Is spreading all around

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February 18, 2015


by Elizabeth

February 18, 2015

awake, Haiku

by Elizabeth

harsh thoughts exploding

strong winds knocking on the mind

the silence is rare

February 17, 2015


by Elizabeth

a journey back to the past

dreams coming back fast

nightmares speeding on the road

journey needs to be slowed

it won’t be a blast

February 16, 2015


by Elizabeth

body needs water

smelling like a hospital

inside and outside

water lily for outside

lemon water for inside


February 11, 2015

Mr. Past

by Elizabeth

Mr. Past comes after midnight

bringing with him a bag

a bag full of sadness

why always at night?

why not during the day?

so i could look inside his eyes

say “leave me alone, i don’t need the old stuff”

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February 10, 2015

red dress

by Elizabeth

Poetry challenge: Valentines day poem.



February 8, 2015

Sunday Poem: Reason

by Elizabeth

There is a reason…

To be here

To follow this path

To go ahead

To see what need to be seeing

To do what should to be done

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February 2, 2015


by Elizabeth

@ teandpaper


force my dear hubby

free me of the heavy snow

i need to go out

February 1, 2015

snow storm

by Elizabeth

snow storm on the way

nothing else to do

trapped at home

eating and eating

kids building snow man outside

i’m building fat woman inside




January 27, 2015

Afternoon poem

by Elizabeth

Ground is covered in white

Sun is washing with bright

Wind is freezing the bones

January 27, 2015

chill out

by Elizabeth
January 25, 2015


by Elizabeth

What has this boat brought to her?

A lover to warm her cold nights

A murder to end her suffering

Flowers to make her happy

Stones be thrown at her

Food to feed her body

Poetry to feed her mind

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January 22, 2015

red bench

by Elizabeth


in the middle of the whiteness

a red bench is

waiting for you

sit and relax

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January 20, 2015


by Elizabeth

green balloons popping

kale falling, children crying

candy fails to fall

January 19, 2015


by Elizabeth

Sunday is slipping from my hands

I don’t want to let it go

I need few hours more

Maybe 12, no lets make 24

Two Sundays per week fit nice in my hands

January 17, 2015


by Elizabeth


Winter afternoon

Walking on a white path

Boots making squish squish

Sunshine washing my face

Serenity all over my body

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January 14, 2015


by Elizabeth


wise owl

big eyes looking around

no place to hide poor fowl

not under my cowl



January 13, 2015


by Elizabeth

letters are dancing

scribbling freedom everywhere

words of joy calm down