Some Limericks About Getting Old…

by Rhyme In Time

Howdy! It’s been awhile. Here are some limericks on getting old…

How have I gotten so old?
Most of my days have been told.
My skeleton’s creaky,
My bladder is leaky,
And my toenails are harboring mold.

My pallid and wrinkled complexion
Stares back from the mirror’s reflection.
Where is the kid
Who could barely keep hid
The crimp of a chronic erection?

How did I get here so fast?
I was certain my vigor would last.
Now my day’s greatest bliss
Is success when I piss,
And control of the flow from my ass.

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6 Comments to “Some Limericks About Getting Old…”

  1. Wonderful.
    Here’s one you inspired.

    My mother passed me on the way
    Although in her grave she does lay (Yes. I know it should be lie!)
    Her grey hair and wrinkles.
    Around eyes there are crinkles
    Wait! It’s me in the mirror, today!

  2. Oh my! You were really on a roll! I read this to my hubby – and he could really relate! 🤣

  3. Though I’m almost afraid to say it – loads of synergies here. Cracking stuff!

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