by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm


He took my wife
like a  villian
in a fairy tale

like a black knight
on a stallion
he stole my love
from me

but I swore that I would
fight him for
the lover that I lost
like a white knight
on a quest
I’d pay any cost

I’d cross every hill and valley
slaying dragons in my way
and we’d fight an epic battle
where I’d win her back someday

and as the morning,
slowly woke me
lying here next to you
I had to laugh
and thank the Lord
that my nightmare
didn’t come true

I never would’ve found you
if he hadn’t stolen
my old wife away
I never would’ve found,
the love I’ve always longed for
if she hadn’t run away

some things turn out
better than planned
if you just stay outta the way
a new love is waiting to find you
if you just let the past slip away

I never would’ve found you
if I hadn’t been lonely
if I hadn’t been finally free
free of the dreams
and the fairy tale endings
endings that aren’t meant for me

and you never would’ve found me
if you hadn’t been looking,
looking for love just like me
and I’m glad that our story
of love turned out better
than any

fairy tale fantasy

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
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11 Comments to “A FAIRY TALE FANTASY”

  1. Blessed are we who found our life-time mate first time around. But not all are so fortunate. Your poem reminds us that sometimes “Love’s more beautiful the second time around.” I know that’s true for many of my friends.

    • Yes, Jan you are blessed to have that the first time and meant to be Love! Some aren’t as blessed or life changes things. That seems to be the constant in life. And Besides, sometimes when things change the Universe had a better pathway for us to be on?
      Thanks so much for your views and sweet comments! I really appreciate you taking your precious time to read my posts!! 😊💕🌹

  2. love your story and thank goodness it was just a nightmare, Chuck. 💗

  3. Lovely, Chuck. “some things turn out
    better than planned
    if you just stay out of the way” ❤ ❤

    • Thank you for taking your precious time to read this! I hope you found it worthy of your time!! So happy you enjoyed it! I really appreciate the view and your kind comment!!!

  4. I admit, I’m a bit of a poetry snob and tend to dismiss poetry that doesn’t have a rhyme scheme. Not one of my best qualities. Even I can see this is very good. 🙂

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