by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

worn out beliefs

from long, long ago

linger inside me

why, I don’t know


outgrown and old fashioned

like little boy toys

dictated thinking of

sins and of joys


worn out beliefs

on this and on that

no longer reality

like the world must be flat

worn out beliefs

I need to discard

remnants of fantasy

but changing is hard

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
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10 Comments to “WORN OUT BELIEFS”

  1. Great write Chuck. One to ponder over and reflect upon. Change is never easy but at times very necessary to move on. Happy Writing My Friend.

  2. It’s true. We find it hard to let go of these things

  3. Great poem, Chuck. Another one I can totally relate to. I don’t find change very easy, either. Thanks for sharing x 😘

    • So happy you enjoyed this one, My Dear! I hope your experience wasn’t too painful!! Mine was sort of earth shaking. It took me decades before I could write about it – in a roundabout way! LOL

      • Much like you, my experience was very painful. I don’t think I’ve ever written about it, although my change happened about five years ago now. I’m not sure if I would at this time. I feel I might offend those blogging friends whose beliefs are strong 😊🌷💛

    • That’s a tough personal decision!!! Listen to your heart that’s the best thing to do. You could always set up a different ID so you can keep your identity private and post under blogs that would be accepting 😊💕🌹

      • Thanks, Chuck, for the idea. I will give that some thought. I think we have to be careful when posting blogs about politics and religion, as some people may take offence. Some of my readers are devout Christians, and I wouldn’t want to upset them. On thinking more, I don’t think I could set up another blog – it would be too complicated to have two separate ones. I hope you are well. Have a wonderful day. 😊🌷💕

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