by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I keep secrets and memories
buried deeply in my heart
the ones I treasure most
locked away from my mind
and soul so they feel no pain
or regrets about the past 

My heart is very careful
about the memories
it releases to be in
the dreams I have
at night 

These memories
are closely guarded
to ensure they don’t
disturb my reality
and the reason I
rarely remember dreams 

But some memories
are stronger than most
and have a burning desire
to be heard
and to be known
by the world

They’ve heard of memories
that have escaped
from my heart
and found
a Reluctant Poet
in my soul
that helped them
become free
by putting them
into poems
with ink and paper
and sent them
out into the world
beyond the reaches
of my heart 

They have
become Memories Gone Rogue
living a life that has
become their own 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
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13 Responses to “MEMORIES GONE ROGUE”

  1. Oh, I love this so much, Chuck. Just wonderful! I know exactly what you mean about those memories that sneak out of our hearts and into our souls so that they can be released into words to share with others. I love the words, ‘Memories gone rogue’ – it’s really original. I think this is my most loved piece of the day 😊💕

    • Ellie, I am so happy that you loved this so much! A real honor and joy that is so appreciated! What a great reward to be chosen as the best poem you’ve read today! I’m thrilled! It’s great that you can relate to “Memories Gone Rogue” and have experienced it too. I’m glad that you found the Title so original!! So now I will offer you a “Dare!” Why don’t you see what, if any seeds of inspiration you can find for yourself from this poem to use in a new poem/piece by You – since you’ve experience it too??

      For me, I find that Rogue Memories tend to escape at Halloween or be the cause of nightmares and the ones that haunt me!! 😊😁💖🌹

      • Ah, a dare; now, there’s a challenge for me 😊. I will read your poem a few more times over and over and see if anything jumps out of me that I could turn into a new piece, probably a poem, but not necessarily. Hope you are well today and that your weekend is going well, too x 😊🌷😘💕

    • Yes, My Dear! A little dare, that I know will be easy for you! Poem or prose, no matter! I know that if you reread your 1st comment about how you related and then maybe this stanza from – Memories Gone Rogue – you might find the seeds of inspiration you need to have a new Blossom of yours bloom into a poem!!

      Reread your first comment and then this:

      But some memories
      are stronger than most
      and have a burning desire
      to be heard
      and to be known
      by the world

      Happy hunting, Ellie!!

      xo 😊💖💕🌹

    • Don’t forget to find some time for my little dare and to let your words escape into the world? 😊💕🌹

      • Hi, Chuck. I haven’t forgotten about your dare. I still have a tab open on my laptop with your poem, but the inspiration hasn’t happened yet and my muse seems to have gone walkabout 😉🌼💕

  2. Ooooo! I Love this, Chuck. The whole idea of a memory gone rogue, is amazing! I may have to see what I can do with this idea. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Awww, So happy you loved this, My Dear! 😁🌹 Your comment is too kind!! Sometimes I get strange ideas! Ha! But then you know that, right! I hope you can get something out of any seeds of inspiration you gleaned from this!!

  3. Ah, those memories! Great write Chuck. Have a great day My Friend.

    • Oh, Thank you for the view and kind comment! I so appreciate and value your reactions!!!
      Hope you had a great week and your weekend will be a fun one too!

      It seems somewhat strange to me, maybe you too, that certain memories always seem to escape and go rogue on Halloween, you know the ones that haunt you the most!


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