In the past (aka ‘wherewithal’)

by Jem Croucher
If you're reading this now
on the day it appears
on line on the web
you will be in arrears
For most of the work
that I publish each day
comes from the past
in a meaningful way

For there's rarely a time
when I don't write a thing
so those that I do
await publishing
at a time that will suit
some days or weeks hence
quite often it seems
at times' recompense

Today's for example
which I've called 'In the past'
is now two weeks old
so the die is long cast
Twenty-third of last month
these words went to paper
so it's been a fortnight
'til I published this caper

So when in these words
you see something I've done
or something I've seen
which has brought me some fun
It probably won't have
been recent at all
but some time in the past
for that wherewithal



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