Two A Real Danger To America Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

A Real Danger To America

Artwork by Donnie Purcell

I wrote these limericks back in 2020. After Trump was defeated, I thought he would “go away,” literally and figuratively – go build hotels and golf courses in Russia, or something like that. Didn’t happen, because diseases don’t just go away, they become lethal. And that is where we are at. Trump and MAGA and many cells of the Republican Party are a lethal disease and it is spreading. THE ONLY CURE FOR THIS DISEASE IS FOR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY LOVING PEOPLE TO CRUSH IT AT THE POLLS, REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION WHICH HAS PROTECTED OUR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY

Republicans are what we should fear.
Tyranny is what they hold dear.
Trump’s not just their leader,
He’s a hate tolerance meter….
By now that should be crystal clear!

They want America divided.
Their MAGA malcontents misguided.
Their racist rhetoric inflames
And their fascist ideology defames
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights it provided.

GOP party of hate


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