Little Words (reprise)

by Jem Croucher

1 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

I'm going to write an extra poem today
I'm sure no-one will mind
As it helps me to express myself
And most days to unwind
Poems are like sketches
As they capture little words
And paint pictures of the nuances
the normal and absurd

I might see a roaring wave
Or a flower in the breeze
Or a smile as something happens
Or something brings me to my knees
I might feel a mountain
Or a feather on the wind
I might cry a thousand tears
Or hide behind a grin

I might feel like shouting
Or whispering a while
Or I might just want to say something
That'll surely bring a smile
So I'll always have a little book
Or paper and a pen
For one never knows if little words
Will come to mind, or when


['Little Words' (written in 2006) was first posted via Jemverse in May 2014]


2 Comments to “Little Words (reprise)”

  1. Ah, those little words! They pop up up everywhere and at any time. Great write my Friend.

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