Yom Kippur -Thoughts On The Book Of Life

by Joel Kravitz

Book Of Life

With The Book Of Life inscription
God’s Plan contains no encryption.
Though Life we hold dear
Death is nothing to fear….
Eternal Peace is an Answered Benediction

A Benediction is a prayer that asks God for protection.

The sermon I heard on Rosh Hashana was about Faith – Emu nah. I sent this to my Rabbi. His response was, “I love it.”

Emunah is simply this: To let your heart go where your mind cannot go. The finite cannot understand the infinite. We try with all of our mind to understand, and when we reach the end of our ability to understand, to let our heart, then, go where our (human) mind cannot go. Emunah is Trust.

During The High Holy Days, we followers of the Jewish religion focus on righteousness and atoning for our moments of weakness when we embraced wickedness. Our most holy prayer, the Kol Nidre, seeks to absolve the “sins” that we will commit in advance of our committing them. It is a most pragmatic approach to atonement and seeking God’s favor with our inscription in The Book of Life.

However, not everyone will be inscribed in The Book Of Life. Just as birth brings new Life every day, Death ends Life every day. Some know in advance that Death is coming. For many it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. When considering the “Circle of Life,” Death is as much a part of Life as birth. There is a beginning and an ending…to Life on Earth as we know it. But it is what happens when Life on Earth ends that is the “Great Mystery of Life.” And finding an “answer” to that mystery comes from Emunah and Hope for Eternal Peace.


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