Do Kindly Move

by Venkat

Joint Poetry by Venkataraman L.N. and Joseph Kurian

Joseph is my student in poetry class. He has a highly imaginative and a beautiful mind. Lovely to work with him on a series of joint poetry production. He is a non-speaking, autistic boy aged 23.

I am Joseph born in Kerala, India. I was in Australia for three years. Then to resolve my speech problem, we returned to Kerala and I was diagnosed as a person with autism. I did my playschool in Kerala. An enormous sensory problem start troubling me. Yet my parents took me to Bangalore for education. Presently I am doing my higher technical learning listening to audio books and lectures of universities available in internet.

Poetry is my passion. Painting is a hobby. Navigating through deep cosmological issues, collection of pot and canvas paintings simulated. Birthday messages, festival messages, back water visits are some of my activities. Enormous Persian and Russian poems give relief in my boredom. Backing from my mother and many others, opening the wings of my aspirations. Paying sincere thanks to almighty, I am kindling my upbringing as a person with autism.

Pink lines are mine and the green ones are of Joseph. His mom tells me what he writes on his tablet. He is so gifted, only on rare occasions I have to support him.


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