Peace found

by Jem Croucher
Had ten days last month for wonderful things
to all bring a joy and pull at heartstrings
Places to visit and things to see there
taking photos to later re-live and re-share
Ten days of staycation what more could I need
when living in Sussex for this life that I lead?
As Sussex has all the 'joie de vivre' I desire
with its people and places and things I admire
So whenever a moment affords this release
I'm happy in Sussex as at home I find peace



2 Comments to “Peace found”

  1. I know about that peace that’s found at home… and my hat’s off to you for finding that joy on your “staycation.” But, as the saying goes, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Being away for awhile, enjoying family and friends elsewhere, and seeing scenes that are not available at home is also refreshing… and makes home feel all the more special when you return with a heart full of beautiful memories. That being said, you poem is beautiful!

    • Thanks so much for that Jan. Absolutely agree but when you live somewhere as wonderful as we so fortunately have on our doorstep, the word ‘special’ is ever-present; home or away. That old saying though overflows with a truth we also seize and know as often as we can.

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