#80 POETRY =

by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Poetry =      


of your daydreams

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved

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5 Comments to “#80 POETRY =”

  1. love it.. i didn’t see you today my LOVE HATE POST.. You will LOVE 😂😂😂💖

    • Thanks so much for the kind comment, Cindy! You are such a Sweetie! Went back and found this Monday post and left a lengthy answer. Seems like you may also have the same problem I did a couple of years ago where my followers weren’t receiving their email alerts because they got disconnected. I think this is what has happened to me. You are checking the Reader. You should also have them verify that those who followed you before the issue and choose if they wanted daily or weekly digests are still showing those selections on your followers blog. I strongly suspect that the update disconnected the digest that your followers receive that notifies them of a new post. This would leave them disconnected from your site. Not everyone searches through the reader. Alot set their settings to receive and instant, weekly or daily email alert of your post. I believe they screwed up in the update and disconnected a ton of your followers this way and not just the Reader!
      Big Hugs!! 😍😘💕🌹

      • You’re so welcome Chuck.. I opened a 3 deep so we could chat but not sure if that is working or not.
        Oh no.. this is weird and I already went through spam and nothing from you there.
        Oh my Chuck, I’ve been thinking things were back on track but this makes me nervous rightfully. Thanks for the info. I will see if we can get to the bottom of that as well. Always something and that makes sense. Thank you so much for informing me. Did you see my post today in your notifications or did you have to look me up? This is such a pain.
        I know I did NOT see you in Reader at all!
        Big hugs back 💖💖💖🙏

    • Thanks so much for following my Poetry= series!!! 😍💕🌹

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