The Worst Corruption and Betrayal In American History Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Justice For Sale
Now, during a Crisis For Democracy, we must deal with the reality that one of our most sacred principles, Rule of Law, and the institution that is entrusted to guard it isn’t sacred anymore.

The money that bought Trump the 2016 election did so with one goal in mind – to use him as a the currency to buy The United States Supreme Court. He was a smokescreen, a useful tool and they didn’t care that he was a dishonest fool. Once they owned The Supreme Court they owned the country. The White House and Congress do not matter. That is nothing more than a dog chasing it’s tail. The real power is in those appointed for life with the power over life itself. And the disregard for human life that it has shown has proven that time and again. Roe V Wade. Gun Laws. Citizens United. Need I go on? In a country where there is allegedly separation of church and state, I find myself in a state where I am praying – God Help Us.

Is Democracy irreversibly fraught?
Were the ultimate sacrifices all for naught?
Our Fabric of Freedom’s in tatters
Because only money and power matters…
Obviously, now even The Supreme Court can be bought.

4 Comments to “The Worst Corruption and Betrayal In American History Limerick”

  1. That’s a very clever limerick! And unfortunately, it is too true …

  2. I am glad Roe vs Wade has been overturned. Now it is up to each state to prohibit abortions. May they all do so.

  3. Life, liberty and justices for sale?

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