An “Amber, Here’s A Question For You” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Amber crying on the stand (2)

That face and those tears are real and believable…yeah right!

Here’s an Amber related question worth asking
As she’s in the witness stand basking
In her lying testimony
That’s so obviously phony……
Is bullshitting and bed shitting multitasking???

Amber poops

13 Comments to “An “Amber, Here’s A Question For You” Limerick”

  1. Well it’s too bad she couldn’t figure out what Johnny was about according to her before she married him. Looks like a gold digger to me. Because he obviously has tons more then she has and her looks will fade and so will her income. So her windfall might be able to pay for reconstructive surgeries when she loses her looks. Very sad.
    Maybe she should have studied to become an actress or possibly that’s what she’s trying to do to get hired. Lol
    Anyone who would embarrass someone by using pictures in my opinion is pathetic.

  2. I absolutely adore this lol

  3. Amber praying/pleading “oh poop gods please leave a doozy in my husband’s side of bed while I am using his money to get high out of my mind on shrooms and MDMA at Cochella using his money cause Elon Musk rumor admitted I am honestly broke”

  4. She said that she feared for her life
    But she went out and bought him a knife
    She messed with his head
    Then she sh*t in his bed
    Thank god she’s no longer his wife


  5. There was a young gold-digger named Heard,
    Whose testimony was completely absurd,
    She thought it great fun,
    To get her pants undone,
    And fill Johnny’s bed with foul turd.

  6. Limericks are fun
    But when all’s said and done,
    There may be another way
    To look at…
    The situ-a-TION:

    Dear Joel, Hope I’m not trolling… Just noting that there are two sides to every encounter, and many perspectives to our shared experiences. Your partner in crhyme, David

  7. Can’t edit my comment, so here’s an improved version:

    Limericks are fun
    But when all’s said and done,
    Perhaps there may be
    Another way to see
    The facts of this situ-a-TION:

    Maybe you could edit it…

    • I like it. BTW I am blown away at the public response to a not so (not at all, actually) private matter with movie celebrities when the world events should be so much more compelling. I guess the celebrity trial was a way to escape from reality which has always been intrinsic to the movie industry

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