A Few “Maybe The Founding Fathers Did Get It Right” Limericks and an “Are We On The Brink Of Another American Revolution?” Op/Ed

by Joel Kravitz

Jefferson Wisdom

On the wall of the Jefferson Memorial. Maybe the Founding Fathers were enlightened, open minded and knew that the future would bring great change. This from the Man that wrote the Declaration of Independence and had the foresight to make the Louisiana Purchase and open up America from Sea to Shining Sea.

Let me begin by addressing an elephant in the room. It is true that most of the Founding Fathers owned slaves. It is true that the original Constitution did not give women The Right To Vote. It was where the world was socially at that time. It is in the past and the past cannot be changed. It is a part of America’s history and now there is a debate raging as to whether or not that history should be taught. I believe the Founding Father’s would say it should be. They believed in Truth. “We hold these Truths to be self-evident.”

Right now, in this country built upon the principles of freedom, limited government and individual responsibility, politicians and populist movements will question what The Founding Fathers intentions were when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights that make America a Democracy based on Laws and Justice. These lofty ideas were written just about 250 years ago in real time when America became America.

Zealots claim to know what the Founders would say –
Seeking wealth is the American Way.
If our Founding Fathers only knew
So much would be held by so few…
They’d be rolling in their graves in dismay

Is the U.S. Capitol the People’s Pavilion?
Not with 535 “ruling” over 300+ million.
Showing more concern for wealth
Than the nation’s health
With our National Debt growing daily by the trillion.

Now most Americans take a dim view
Of a Congress bought and paid for by a few.
If the Founding Fathers could see
This Pseudo-Democracy,
They wouldn’t believe this could possibly be true.

The Truth about the American Revolution is this. It was about two things – money and religious freedom. Mostly money. Many of the American settlers came here from England to flee religious persecution. Many came seeking economic opportunity. In both cases, they were rebelling against an overbearing government that supported a state religion and demanded it’s cut off the top of the economic success found here by enterprising and hard-working people. Sound familiar???? The Ultra-Rich buying our governments and taking theirs off the top in the form of unfair tax cuts and tax laws? Ultra-Christians, also supported by the Ultra-Rich, seeking a Christian nation? Sounds like things that would trigger another revolution to remove the shackles of tyranny that have come to be in today’s America. Wealth inequality? Restricting voting rights? Making women second class citizens and removing their right to make decisions about their bodies and their futures? The groundswell is growing louder every day.

Now consider this. In this country it is estimated that there are between 230 and 250 million Christians who have put their blind faith in something written about events that allegedly occurred over 2000 years ago and were written about four hundred years after they allegedly happened. And it is this written chronical that “guides” their conscience or lack thereof and behavior. Most don’t question it. They use it to justify their actions which do not follow the teachings of Jesus. But they want America to be a White Christian nation. Could anything be more against the teachings of Jesus? It is time for real Christians who do follow the teachings of Jesus to make a real leap of faith and stand in opposition to the pretenders.

Fortunately, the Founding Fathers had the foresight to know that the world is an ever-changing place evolving in every way both socially and technologically, which is why they included mechanisms to deal with the change in the Constitution. They empowered We The People with a Democracy and the power of the vote. I put my faith in the American Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers.

2 Comments to “A Few “Maybe The Founding Fathers Did Get It Right” Limericks and an “Are We On The Brink Of Another American Revolution?” Op/Ed”

  1. Loved this, Joel!!! I’m not so sure I can honestly put my faith in the constitution interpreted by six supreme court justices that heed and adhere exclusively to the tenets of “Their Chucrh” and disregard the beliefs and morals of all others. They all lied when they stated they would uphold precedent. Sadly, it seems that the principles of the founding fathers and the constitution have been misrepresented and things “Rigged” to return a fraudulent result. I guess we will get to see what happens in November!!! Hang on, My Friend!
    Chuck 😊😢👍👌

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