Women’s Rights – The Fight For Their Lives Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

Fight Back

First, these limericks are not jokes with punchlines. I have chosen this form of poetry for its efficiency. It is poetry – it has rhythm and rhyme. The creative effectiveness of the limerick is the setup and the last line. In five lines, it delivers a message and its brevity allows the author to semantically say more with less, which is my purpose here.

These limericks have been published previously with commentary that is not brief and not necessary for this post. I have placed links to the original posts at the end. These fifteen lines say everything that I want and need to say at this time

The hypocritical male misogynist minion
Believes Playing God’s their dominion.
But the Real Truth is this –
If you use a penis to piss…
You have no Right to an opinion!

Republicans think women are their’s to enslave
And men(?) can tell them how to behave.
This grave miscalculation,
Much to their consternation….
May have the GOP with one foot in the grave.

This new Republican misogynist tradition
Makes a vagina a pre-existing condition.
It won’t get a pass –
It makes women second class….
And they’ll face raging estrogen sedition.


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5 Comments to “Women’s Rights – The Fight For Their Lives Limericks”

  1. I am opposed to abortion, Joel. It should never have been protected in the United States at the federal level. It should now be banned in every state.

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