The Evolution of A Relationship From Infatuation to Flatulation

by Joel Kravitz

marriage farts

I saw this on Facebook and, like The Bard of Avon, I cannot resist a taking a shot at a fart joke with these eight lines and a limerick

During the courtship, he’s a perfect gentleman
And he behaves just like a saint.
If you think that’s the way it will always be….
Believe me, I assure you it ain’t.

At first, he’s so romantic and charming
And you’re hopeful the romance will linger,
But it won’t be long after you say “I love you”….
That he’ll ask you to pull his finger!

However, passing gas is not male gender specific and a sign of true mutual affection is how a man will react when his lady lets loose from her caboose.

Proof that we’re happy as we can be
And the “perfect couple” the world gets to see –
I capitulate
When she’ll flatulate…
And point the finger of guilt at me!


2 Comments to “The Evolution of A Relationship From Infatuation to Flatulation”

  1. Thank you so much for that morning guffaw. I needed it!

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