by Jem Croucher
Just two days left of the year that has been
and I find myself drifting away
looking back to the past
with a bit of a blast
on twenty-one's last but one day

It's been one of pandemic but also of hope
triple boosted at its end as I am
I have exercised care
and am proud to share
I'm as healthy as I think I can

It saw six months of lockdown as we all worked from home
not that it much bothered me
as I still kept in touch
whilst not travelling much
and by vaccine remained Covid-free

And then came the freedom we had all waited for
as we slowly came back to the light
started driving our cars
and going to bars
staying out from morning to night

The summer months welcome as doors opened wide
and freedom seemed once again here
yet caution remained
with that freedom regained
as the atmosphere started to clear

Then the Omicron variant, a kick in the teeth
arrived as the year reached its end
two years of pandemic
evidentially endemic
though Christmas would still be a friend

Twenty one, will we miss it? Quite probably, not
as we look optimistic ahead
new year new beginning
as still there is singing
as we put the old one to bed

And hope again beckons as always it does
for the promise that all of us need
so may twenty two be
the one to set free
on that everyone is agreed


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