The Plan (Part VII)

by Jem Croucher

No. 7 in the continuing Jemverse series ‘Allotment’

The plan came to fruition
and gave us more than we had dared
and now that it's November
I am really pleased we cared
For the produce it has yielded
from the 'no dig' plan we made
has come in its abundance
so I'm pleased with it we stayed

But now it's time for bed-byes
as the winter time is come
so for us and our allotment now
the growing time is done
'No dig' through means that we
little preparation need to do
to get things ready for next year
when starts a season new


‘The Plan (part VII)’ is part of a continuing Jemverse series charting the rejuvenation of our Ham Field, Shoreham allotment in 2021 and beyond. For previous outings see ‘Back to the Allotment‘, ‘The Plan (Part II)‘, ‘The Plan (part III)‘, ‘Beginning IX (aka ‘The Plan (part IV))‘,  ‘The Plan (part V)‘ and ‘The plan (part VI)‘.


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