The evening of the year revisited

by Jem Croucher

3 of 7 in the Jemverse series ‘Autumn 21’

Beauty wears a frown
as Autumn colours fade and die
The Summer’s warmth now distant
as the year it hurries by

November looms. Finality
the year is almost done
Now in the throws of Winter
the Spring has far to come

Yet all is not lost for soon the chill
will see Jack Frost’s return
when beauty’s frown will disappear
and new winter wonders learn

Ice crystals on an early dawn
Sunshine on diamond white
Maybe a covering of snow
in the ethereal light

A smile replaces beauty’s frown
as it sees the autumn’s cheer
with so much wonder round about
the evening of the year


Photo – Jempics

The evening of the year‘ was first published on Jemverse on 14 November 2015

3 Comments to “The evening of the year revisited”

  1. I love the changing seasons. We saw the autumn colors emerge in Switzerland with bright, blue sky sunny days – but came home to Montana’s dismal greys with the blizzard that occurred in our absence removing or drying up all the leaves. So now, I wait for the beauty of snowy blankets adorning the landscape!

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