Music doing its thing

by Jem Croucher
Sometimes a quiet tune
playing softly satisfies
catches the mood and softens
quietly around ragged edges
calming me completely

But sometimes only loud fits
AirPod Pros resonate
with the volume north of eleven
it still catches and calms and glistens
calming me completely

With magical qualities music grabs me
understands exactly where I'm at
and finds a tune to do all it's meant to
sometimes quiet, sometimes loud
calming me completely



3 Comments to “Music doing its thing”

  1. Interesting… quiet music calms. I understand that. But loud music calms? How is that?

    • Yup – sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it! But weirdly, it does. Music does that generally for me though – it’s one of my ‘happy places’ and, whenever and whatever I fill my head with, yes – there’s a calmness there.

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