To be free

by Jem Croucher
The sheep in the meadow got closer and closer
as I watched them and daydreamed away
and every so often they'd give me a glance
here at the end of a day

It was a good daydream as daydreams they go
and it filled me with feelings of calm
as the sheep in the meadow meandered their way
towards me on this Sussex farm

So I stood in the corner of the field for a while
as the shadows of evening crept in
and a day again passed fading slowly away
to show me where I had been

And it was a good place to revisit all this
as the sheep made their way towards me
for I knew in that moment with clarity there
what it meant to truly be free


3 Comments to “To be free”

  1. This is lovely. I used to love to watch the sheep but can’t see now.

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