A Roe V Wade Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Roe V Wade

DISCLAIMER – This limerick is not a joke. It is an OP/ED. The first four lines do not set up a punchline. They set up my controversial opinion which I know is shared by many.

The hypocritical male misogynist minion
Believes Playing God’s their dominion.
But the Real Truth is this –
If you use a penis to piss…
You have no Right to an opinion!

How can this controversy even exist? First, in a country where there is separation of Church and State, there can not be legislation of religious morality. Second, clearly in violation of the first concept, how can the male perpetrators who are at the very least 50% responsible for a life/lives changing situation/problem for the women/children involved believe that they have a “moral right” to ban a viable option/solution to the situation/problem they caused and at the same time not bear the weight of the consequences of their culpability? In my opinion, this is not only immoral, but also religiously UnHoly. Free Will, which is Holy, is not gender specific.



4 Responses to “A Roe V Wade Limerick”

  1. Loved this Joel!! The only problem is that Church and State are “Supposed” to be separate, but in fact they really aren’t. This objection to a woman’s right to an abortion is nothing be thinly disguised religious persecution. Anti-abortionists are supporting religious persecution against those who do not believe as they do. That is one of the saddest things about this. Plus where is all this liberty and freedom anti-vaxxer are talking about – My Body, My Choice – except when it involves abortion. If the state wants to ban abortion then the state should have to pay for all the costs of upbringing a child it refused a woman to abort.

    We are going to be losing our democracy in this country because The Republican Taliban is mounting an autocratic, unAmerican takeover of the government and woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. That’s just the beginning The Texas Republican Taliban and other like minded Taliban members in the Republican party other states are working to corrupt honest voting. I guess I will stop my rant here. Ha! 😢


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