Of this world…

by Sandeep

A face lay there in eternal sleep,
No smile.
No frown.
I wonder,
“After all, smiles and frowns are of this world”.

Just beside stood someone
in tears, sobbing.
But, none appear on the face in sleep.
So, could I wonder,
“After all, tears and sobs are of this world”.

Another sitting beside was
sad, pained.
But, none seen on that face in sleep,
Shouldn’t I wonder,
“After all, sadnesses and pains are of this world”.

And, then I stood observing everything around and came back to the face that lay in sleep.
That face seemed reprieved of all responsibility,
Nothing about anyone or anything concerned it now.
Wouldn’t I wonder,
“After all, responsibilities and concerns are of this world”.

I can see some here running memories of this face in sleep,
All their expectations silenced,
Yet, all expecting the face to get up from sleep.
Now I am not surprised that I wonder,
“After all, memories and expectations are of this world”.

I am left with one question now, “if smiles, frowns, tears, sobs, sadnesses, happinesses, pains, pleasures, responsibilities, concerns, memories and expectations will leave me when I have my eternal sleep, why have I been made to struggle to overcome some of these and pursue others while I am here in this world?”

Why shouldn’t I be drowning in sadness with no real hope of happiness? Why when I am sad, be lit with a hope that I will be happy someday.
Or, why shouldn’t I be happy while avoiding sadness completely?
Or, why shouldn’t I choose pleasure over pain?
Or, why shouldn’t I accept pain and never get a moment of pleasure again?

Is there a way I can choose for myself?
Or, there is no real choice but the existence of all of the above is a continuum, until there is none?

If it’s a continuum and one kept appearing after the other doesn’t that mean:

I am happy now to be sad later
I am sad now to be happy later
I am teary now about a laughter that will come later
I am laughing now at my tears that will come later
I am pained now by a pleasure that would come later
I am filled with pleasure now for a pain to come later
I am right now to be wrong later
I am wrong now to be right later

Can I just be whatever I may be now? But, wouldn’t it be alright that I desire to be anything else?!


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