A MAGA Intellection Defection Poem

by Joel Kravitz

Anti-Vaxxer Insurrectionists

This problem is not going away and, sadly, the pandemic and Covid Crisis isn’t either until this one does. Our Great Nation is facing a Shakespearean quandary – “To be or Not To Be…Whether to suffer the slings and arrows of pain and suffering at the hands of outrageous anti-vaxxer fools or to stick out our arms and be injected with hope for the future developed by science and proven to be safe and effective?”

MAGAs choose common sense and common good rejection
Fools refusing vaccination protection
The Pandemic going in the wrong direction
America suffering from MAGA’s Covid and social infection

They’re the same MAGAs that had a failed Insurrection to overturn an election


3 Comments to “A MAGA Intellection Defection Poem”

  1. It’s worse here in india but .
    But I learnt to stay positive in all this

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