The plan (part VI)

by Jem Croucher

No. 6 in the continuing Jemverse ‘allotment’ series

For the first time I sat back
and knew that 'we'd done good'
at our allotment established
as we'd hoped that it would

And now we can harvest
the produce and fayre
of the things we have laboured
for and groom right there

And keep up the momentum
to see it prosper and grow
and keep on producing
with grandeur to show

Our Ham Field allotment
for pleasure and more
from the toils of our labours
to a place we adore

Yes 'we've done good' and
we're really quite pleased
as the plan's come together 
from the idea conceived

And now it's with a smile
we can look at our land
and know that it's ours
all that loveliness, grand


Photo – Jempics

‘The Plan (part VI)’ is part of a continuing Jemverse series charting the rejuvenation of our Ham Field, Shoreham allotment in 2021 and beyond. For previous outings see ‘Back to the Allotment‘, ‘The Plan (Part II)‘, ‘The Plan (part III)‘, ‘Beginning IX (aka ‘The Plan (part IV))‘, and ‘The Plan (part V)‘ 


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